Jeep® Brand Earns Polk Award for Automotive Loyalty

The Jeep® Brand has been recognized by Polk for having the ‘Most Improved Loyalty to Make’ for the 2011 model year. According to Polk’s U.S. loyalty analysis for the 2011 model year, the Jeep Brand had the greatest percentage point increase in make loyalty over the previous model year. 

Jeep brand sales increased 44 percent in 2011 – versus an industry increase of 11 percent – with each Jeep model up at least 30 percent for the year. Jeep Wrangler – new, more powerful and fuel efficient for 2012 – set seven consecutive monthly sales records, and won several awards including two from leading enthusiast publications; the “4×4 Of the Year” from Petersen’s 4 Wheel & Off-Road and “Four Wheeler Of The year” from Four Wheeler magazine. Jeep’s redesigned Compass enjoyed a 200 percent sales increase, and sales of the Jeep Grand Cherokee – the most awarded SUV ever – increased 51 percent in 2011.

The Polk awards recognize manufacturers for superior owner loyalty performance, which is determined when a household that owns a new vehicle returns to market and purchases or leases another new vehicle of the same model or make. The 2011 awards are based on an analysis of 5.5 million return-to-market events during the 2011 model year.

35 Responses to “Jeep® Brand Earns Polk Award for Automotive Loyalty”

  1. janice pittman

    I currently own a 2009 Jeep Liberty ….this is the second consecutive Jeep for me. Sorry to say I will never buy another. This vehicle is the worst of any that I have ever owned. The dealership was the worst the car is a money pit. You may have received an award but you get nothing but bad scores from me.

  2. Jon Meline

    I just bought a 2012 Grand Cherokee Limited and it is a big improvement from my 2005 and a even bigger one from the others I have owned. The 2012  runs and drives really nice, also I really like the look. I Never have had any Dealer Problems and I drove my 2005 for 67,000 miles with nothing but routine maintenance. It was very good also but 2012 a lot better.  Way to go Jeep!

  3. Min Verstraete

    We bought a ’12 Grand Cherokee Summit last fall and it the nicest new vehicle we have ever owned.  It is our 8th Jeep in 42 years.  Our ’99 G.C. has 158K on it and runs great.  Our granddaughter has it as a daily driver.  The older ones required a lot of maintainence, but we used them on and off road.  We have used, but never abused them and they have treated us well.

    Keep up the good work!!


    My 2011 Wrangler Unlimited is my 16th Jeep for me and my family! My love for Jeeps began with my first one, a 1976 CJ-5 that I bought brand new for $4900!!!  Both of my sons had Wranglers for their first vehicle, and my youngest now drives a 2009 while attending UNC-Wilmington. A Jeep at the beach! What could be better???!!!! Put some gravel in your travel! Only in a Jeep………..

  5. w scroggins

    I have a 2011 Wrangler unlimited I visited my dealer back in Nov 2011  about a rattle in the tailgate it was determined that the bracing was loose and the tailgate needed to be replace. I waited and made follow up calls for over a month only to find out I had to revist the dealer. Last weeek I was informed that Jeep would not warranty the tailgate because of my wheels and tires are aftermarket.
    Just a note my wheels and tires are the same as what was on thier showroom floor and none had a disclaimer that your “TRAIL RATED” Jeep could not handle an wider tire on the tailgate. FYI my rim weigh less than the OEM wheel. I have had every service done at the dealer including tire
    rotation. My compliant is they have refused to cover it. It is clearly a defect in the tailgate since Jeep/Mopar offers a similar set up on the rubicon. I am getting no help from the dealer or Jeep. I feel that the TRAIL RATED jeep I bought should be worthy of a 305/65 R17. All owners and future owners of a Jeep Wrangler, you should beware Jeeps warranty people will look for a reason not to cover an issue that should be under warranty

    • I have a 2011 also and I have had it 7 months and my back tailgate has started rattling. I have not changed tires or anything. Taking it in this Saturday to dealership. How long have you had ur jeep? I thought it was bumper to bumper for the first year or so.. I think this is a factory problem!!! Cross ur fingers:)

  6. Mark Paul

    We had a 2 door ’03 Wrangler Rubicon we bought new. Very dependable but a short wheelbase hard ride. Traded for a new ’09 4 door and loved it except for lack of engine power. Traded for a 2012 4 door Wrangler with 5 spd auto trans. Bingo, the perfect daily driver. We love Jeeps and I also had 2 Grand Cherokees and put 205,000 miles on each of them as well. Our dealer is great and one year my family bought 5 new Jeeps all 2009 models.

  7. Mike Wieczorek

    I had a 2004 Liberty and traded for the 2011 version – the thing is a “beast “. The worst thing is than the driver’s floorboard does not have anywhere to rest your left foot other than flat on the floor – doesn’t work for me. I had to get a custom pedal made – Jeep didn’t have a clue when I asked them for a suggestion. Should have bought the GMC Terrain – never going to buy another jeep again!

  8. cynthia m jones

    I have A 2008 jeep patriot and I have not problems with My Car. I love my car because even though I did not get power windowa or power locks I got what I neededLike tire light and oil light and because of this I don’t have to worry about when to take my car in for an oil change because my oil light will come on.I don’t have to warry about my tires getting low because my tire light will come on.So I am happy with my jeep and I will buy another because jeep thinks what you need to help keep you.driving with out having magor problems with your car..

  9. ken rouse

    Jeep/Chrysler refused to correct a major paint and clear coat problem on the jeep liberty we have even AFTER their customer service person had us take the vehicle to the local dealer for the repairs .

    Can nor recommend anyone purchase these products due to lack of quality commitments by jeep/chrysler

  10. Rudy Mummey

    I LOVE MY JEEP LIBERTY. This is the second Jeep I have owned and it won’t be the last. I traded in a 2006 Liberty with only 42,000 miles on it. I didn’t really need a new car, I was just bitten by the new-car bug. I went online to see what Liberty offerings dealers in the local area had. My home-town dealer (whom I really like) didn’t have what I wanted but a dealership 25 miles up the road did. My salesperson, Rob, went to work and I had the car in a couple of days. The color is natural green pearl. I had it simonized when I first purchased it, and it shines like the sun. I’ve had many, many compliments about my beautiful Liberty. And, for the first time in my car-buying experience, I bought a top-of-the line model, a Limited. The car does everything but drive itself. That I can do with one finger (But I don’t). I can talk to it and it talks back. With tan leather interior and other Limited appointments and upgrades, it was one spectacular buy. Thanks, Jeep, for making such beautiful and reliable cars. I love my Liberty. I really like my dealer, and I especially think the world of my salesman, from whom I’ve purchased 7 or 8 cars over the years.

  11. john molini

    Except for a brief flirtation with the Liberty back in ’01 or thereabouts been driving Wranglers since ’89. Currently have an ’08 Rubicon, 2 door. Love it. Perfect blend of rugged and comfort.The dealer I bought it at no longer sells Jeeps but still provides excellent service. Only complaint? The 3 year warranty. Bring back 7 years or 70,000.

  12. Eddie Teo BH

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to suggest Jeep to increase “Rear Seat” leg room. Present 2012 model still not comfortable enough. I hope Jeep would consider my opinion. Most of the European car had done that. I love Grand Cherokee. In fact lots of chinese customer like me love grand cherokee but it is too expensive to own. Beside tax, the agent is making too high profit causes the sales of jeep less competative. I also found out that the Shanghai Jeep agent making ridicular charges to jeep owner compare to others. There was one repair case, the Shanghai Jeep agent quoted me $10,000 , where else other mechanic charge me $2,000 plus using the origin parts. From here I knew how is this agent charging jeep owner. If Jeep consider another agent in China I would like to be your next agent. This will remind the local agent to be resonable, provide good service and good attitute. Chinese love imported brand. Jeep sales figure can be lthe same as japanese car. Your agent is not putting enough affect.

    Eddie Teo BH. ( Shanghai grand cherokee owner )
    Email : 

  13. Dolly Wurst

    I am trying to stay loyal to Jeep but finding it hard. This is my second one and it seems as if there is always something going wrong. I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty that had to have the windows fixed on a recall and the dealer lied about fixing them and I didn’t even get out of the parking lot and they hadn’t done a thing about replacing them. Now I went to have the ABS checked because the light came on ( again). This is the 2nd time within about a year for this ABS to act up and the first time I almost had a serious accident. Went to the dealer so they could get a code to find out and it cost me $96 just to tell me what was wrong …To fix it was so much I can”t afford another repair.   Jeep should be doing something to find out why this ABS is always causing problems…Are they going to wait untill someone gets killed…
    I love the Jeeps but I do not like the service and I do not like that they seem to be putting so much time into teaching them to talk to us that they forget how to keep them running
    And just once I would l like to see a Jeep representative show some interest by calling me to discuss this and then just saying sorry…your problem we can’t help.

  14. 2011 jeep wrangler unlimited is a piece of plastic crap…..worst vehicle i ever owned….never will buy another jeep….these awards are fake advertising…anyone can buy an award….means nothing….

  15. stay away from the jeep dealers on bell road in phoenix…..liars and cheaters….jeep is going like toyota…they don’t care about their customers….

  16. I bought a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee which is one of the best cars that I have ever had in my 66 years. It runs great and looks beautiful. However, I have had trouble with the AC system since August 2011. Last summer I had to drive in 97 degree weather for cancer treatments in NYC with all the windows down. I brought the GC to two dealers four times, wrote letters and spoke to Jeep headquarters (customer service) and as of this writing (March 2012) the AC still blows hot air. It appears that nobody wants to deal with the problem!!
    I can not believe the uncaring attitude that I have received!
    Many family members and friends have asked me about the GC; however, they are turned off about the poor service.

  17. Type your comment here…I feel tht of all the cars i owned, my Jeeps are the best.  I started with a 2002 2dr Wrangler.  AFter 3 years went to an wider two door, bigger wheel base, drove like a gem.  Then went to a Liberty in 08 with a sky slide roof.  Great too.  Now i have my dream, a fourd door Unlimited Wrangler 2012.  I never had any problems whatsoever.  In any car one can have issues as the QC nowadays on anything is not good.  The daalership is the most crucial I feel if a problem comes forth.  My dealership in Natick MA is wonderful as any questions/concerns thay take personally.  I feel you guys who think Jeeps are bad need to realize the majority of Jeep owners are extremely happy. 

  18. Chris Wilson

    Type your comment here… I purchased a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee and absolutely love it!!! They really have improved the Jeep.  I had a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee and started having a lot of problems with it at 90,000 miles. Transmission, electrical.  They have a lot more room inside also!!!!! Sharp looking vehicle I get a lot of compliments!!!!

  19. Jesse Janzen

    I recently a bought 2012 Jeep Wrangler because I was tired of putting on chains in the winter. After driving this car for 6 months I have become an avid trail rider and ghost town hunter. The only regret I have is that I did not get one of these years ago. This Jeep fills me with a sense of adventure every time I look at it. I have driven it across country and over mountain roads with deep snow and the Jeep just fearlessly presses on. Snow melts when it sees my Jeep coming.

  20. Vadim Fadeyev

    Bought a 2008 Liberty when it just came out (November 2007) as a daily driver. Currently 99,500 miles on the odo. Doing all the maintenance myself. Loving it. Would I buy another one? Heck, yeah!


    My 2012 Jeep Wrangler 2 door with the 3.6 is AWSOME,with Airaid cold air intake and exhaust it make about 310 Hp. and runs like a bear also the quality and the way they build the 2012 is nothing short of super duty, couple that with some custom touches and the best Jeep dealer in the whole world(Van Andle & flikema in GR MI) words can’t discribe how pleased I am with my 2012 Wrangler, it’s just to much fun!

  22. J. Jones

    Purchased a 2011 Jeep Wrangler/Sahara in late October.
    Run’s a bit slow, and not so sure if it would even be trust worthy off road.  It’s red and I get a lot of comments on
    it every place I go….only wish the engine was as great as
    the outside!!!  I’m only at 6K so no motor problems yet
    but have noticed a rattle in the rear tailgate and will have that checked out as soon as possible, we will see how Jeep dealership handles my first complaint.  Saw above where another person had same problem and said it might be the (loose bracing or tailgate needs to be replaced) I’m more than sure Jeep would NEVER go for replacing an entire gate.  I will post another follow-up on this problem after I see what they will do with it. 

  23. We’re on our 4th Jeep, all GC’s. 2002, 2008, 2011, 2012. My son starts in the 02 this summer for his first vehicle. My wife has her 11 and I traded my 08 for the 12 back in Dec. We switched over to Jeep back in 02 from Ford. We really love Jeeps and have been very satisfied with them. I would prefer the dealers know more about Jeeps and have more “stuff” to outfit your Jeep but with fewer dealers selling all the MOPAR products it is what it is.

  24. Type your comment here…I owed 2 Jeep Liberties my first was a 2004 and I now own a 2011 it is the best cars I have ever owned. My next car I buy will also be a Jeep. When I go to my dealer I am always taken care of when I have serivce done. I bought both of my Jeeps from the same dealer Spitzer on Brookpark Rd. in Cleveland, Ohio.

  25. Marc McKinnies

    I’ve owned three Jeeps, all G Cherokee’s, the last two, i put almost 200k miles on them. 1986, 1996, and my current J Overland 2009, now has 50k, same tires and zero maintenance problems! My buddy Dave in NJ loved my first jeep and has over the past twenty years bought his wife and three girls all jeeps twice over! I believe with my good health, I may have one or two jeeps left in me to enjoy! the Overland is a class automobile, silver with saddle interior…lot’s of chrome and interior goodies, it turns a lot of heads! My ride!

  26. Tony Fakhari

    I bought a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit. All I can say is wow and way to go Jeep! This is the most wonderful ride for an SUV. I was attracted to BMW and Audi prior to the 2011 model. Then this came out and I fell immediately in love. Oh, not only is my 1 years old Jeep awesome but a hell of a lot cheaper than the German SUV’s. This is one tough Jeep we intend to keep for the long haul. Thank You!

  27. Tony DeFrancesco

    I am very happy to see Jeep sales on the rise. It’s about time. The Jeep lineup is the best it’s ever been, and there truly is a Jeep for just about anyone’s needs. I’ve been a loyal Jeep owner since 1993. I’ve owned 11 new and at least 6 used. My favorite one overall is my 08 Commander Overland. It is the perfect travel vehicle. I’ve driven it home straight thru from Florida 1100 miles non- stop ( except for gas stations… with a Hemi it averages about 16mpg … but what a motor !!! ) with 5 people on board and luggage in my Jeep roof basket. All my 3 daughters have jeeps also. I am a bit of a Jeep nut ; along with the 08 Commander I own a 2009 Liberty Sport with the sunslider top , a 70th Anniversary 2011 Grand Cherokee and a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The new Pentastar 3.6 motor is great . Both the grand and wrangler have it and I am truly surprised how smooth and strong it is. Even in the cooler months I’ve been averaging 19 with the grand and 17.5 with the wrangler around town. Took the grand on a 500 mile short trip and got 23.5 mpg. Thats with 3 adults and going about 70 mph. I know people that buy these small non-jeep suvs with small 4cyl motors that get less. By the way did any one out there notice that the new Ford explorer is now a fwd based vehicle, with a lot less trailer towing capability. I guess it’s another victory for jeep !!

  28. Gregg Irieblue

    Owned a 94 Grand Cherokee (loved it) currently own an 08 Rubicon unlimited 6 speed manual trans LOVE MY JEEP 4 yrs 50000 miles minor issues on road it’s good off road it’s a Beast ,the power is fine.  FYI Speed Kills

  29. 1TexasKid

    Dear Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat
    Your Halftime in America: OFFICIAL Chrysler Super Bowl 2012 Commercial Video has made me realize that this world is interrelated -Ying & Yang so to speak.
    There is so much indifference about how to handle so many matters.
    It is refreshing to see Chrysler, Jeep, and Fiat acknowledging showing some sign of gratuity by giving a little something to the people of the United States. Businesses as well as the people are all hurting during this global financial recession. Up risings, marches, financial unhappiness about the changing middle class economy leaves a bitter taste in every one. Giving away Chrysler products & vehicles shows much appreciated for bailing out the Chrysler Motor Company. I believe this approach will lead to stronger Chrysler following. Keep it up. Maybe the other Motor companies will follow.
    The jeep blog is also a very good way for the people to voice their opinions & suggestions. However, it is not enough for a one way conversation. Chrysler Jeep needs to here a bit more about what is going on within the Chrysler Jeep. Your Halftime in America: OFFICIAL Chrysler Super Bowl 2012 Commercial Video recognizes that ideas start in America. This Jeep Blog could be a potential gold mine. So get out there and change the way things are done.

  30. I own three Jeeps. A 1998 Grand Cherokee Limited(198,000 mi), 2004 Liberty Limited(148,000 mi), 2006 Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited(37,000 mi. For me It’s Jeep or nothing. I bought my first Jeep(’98 above)with 49,000 mi. Since that time, we’ve been a loyal Jeep family. Keep up the great work Jeep! Visit my Jeep Fan Page on Facebook. Thanks!

  31. My wife owns a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd. (V8) purchased new. It is still going strong. When we are ready to buy again…this one will stay in the family….


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