Introducing the 2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee [Photos]

“With the new 2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee, we have taken the industry’s most highly acclaimed SUV and elevated it to an even higher level.” – Mike Manley, President and CEO – Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group LLC.

When you’ve built the most highly acclaimed SUV and, really, the model for premium, luxury SUVs, the whole industry looks to you. Sometimes it’s for inspiration. Other times, they’re looking for you to slip up. Or to fall off. Or else they lie in the shadows, waiting to pounce.



How did the Jeep brand respond to that pressure? By making the most awarded SUV ever even better for 2014. Introducing the premium SUV, redefined: the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.



One of the most noteworthy and, to be sure, talked-about additions for 2014 is the new, clean, 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 engine that delivers best-in-class 30 miles per gallon and a driving range of more than 730 miles. All this while featuring best-in-class towing of 7,400 pounds. Plus, the new eight-speed transmission increases fuel efficiency across all powertrains while improving Grand Cherokee’s off-road capability and performance.


In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll delve even deeper into the new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s powertrain options, its Go Anywhere capability, premium-crafted design, advanced technology and safety features, and improved quality.


28 Responses to “Introducing the 2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee [Photos]”

  1. Why is jeep making luxury vehicles? what happened to I6 engines and offroad capability? I dont even think of these as jeeps anymore.they are too busy making sport luxury vehicles when they should have made the jk8 kit in production. Also why are there teasers of REAL jeeps like the FC and J12 when these hunks of luxury crap are repetively made? I miss the old jeep.

    • If your looking for a JK8 we have 2 for sale at our dealership right now. Just let me know when you want to stop out and pick one up.

  2. Wow!! How do always improve on the Best!!! Looking forward to driving it!! I like the smaller mirror arm…2013 was 1 full piece and created a blind spot for me…I’m short, and would like the “come to me” pedals back. They R awesome in my 2004. BTW my husband is driving my old 1996!!! Love Jeeps!!!!!

    Sincerely, Sherri Counsell

  3. D Sultanov

    Hello Jeep,

    I’m very dissapointed with your 2014 jgc redesign. Why would you upgrade with such an ugly and cheap plastic bumper to a good and solid looking SUV. KEEP THE OLD FRONT and rear bumpers. Sorry, I will not buy this minivan. Yuck!

  4. Once again Jeep keeps on giving no more boring SUV’s luxury and trail rated it does not get any better.

  5. Claude Coulombe

    Was looking for a 2013 Grand Cherokee. I’ll wait a little bit longer and purchase a 2014 with the diesel engine and the eight speed transmission.

  6. Can’t wait to see the VM motor in action. I just hope it is improved over the KJ CRD (which I own).


  8. jerry midwittle

    Hate the new front lights. Was going to buy one of these but not now. looks awful. Also the 8 spd shift is all electronic. no detent for which gear your in. It blows in the 300s now its in the Jeep. so dissapointed in Jeep for making these changes

  9. WHY? The lights and grill look too small for the front! And the back looks like a minivan with a weird spoiler… disappointing. I was excitingly waiting to buy a new Jeep next year. Now I am reluctantly looking for other options..

  10. Have my V8 Overland ordered! got the email from jeep with this new very modern tracking system they have for their new cars. Shows what stage of production the vehicle is in. New innovations that will soon make people buy e new jeep over a new range rover. Keep it American!

    • Detroit Dan

      Actually, I traded in a Jeep and bought the Land Rover LR4 instead. However, I wish you the best with your new Jeep crossover with the easy clean plastic interior. Ooof, that thing is fugly.

    • Detroit Dan

      “Keep it American!”

      Why? So they can steal billions of taxpayers dollars? You’re welcome, I paid for part of your jeep crossover.

  11. I’ve had 3 Grand Cherokees through the years, and really like the exterior styling of the current generation (2013 and below). Although I was close to getting to getting a 12 or 13 back in the Fall, I couldn’t get past the tired looking interior (instrumentation and radio). It looked just like a 2007 I used to have. After eagerly awaiting the 2014 refresh, I was very pleased with the new dash and radio setup. Unfortunately, the new exterior (front and back) are just plain ugly and cheap looking. What’s up with that black plastic filler around the headlights? How could something like that possibly make it to Production? Based on some spy photos I had seen months ago, I figured it was just some black electrical tape being used to hide more LED’s or something. I’m shocked at how much the finished product looks like a patch job.

    They had to screw with the rear-end, too. Now, it just looks like it’s frumpy Dodge Durango cousin from behind. LED headlights / taillights have been out for years, and simply adding them to the formula as an afterthought doesn’t always result in a refined/elegant look. Especially with those black plastic filler pieces up front. Whoever gave final approval on that needs to be fired. I’ve seen better looking designs on KIa’s costing $20K less. The new exterior styling of the 2014 GC is a deal breaker for me.

    I also have a hard time convincing myself that any Jeep GC is really worth the bolstered MSRP values that we see with this latest generation. Most models seem to be well into the $40K – $50K range once you get a 4×4 with the V8. They don’t lease very well anymore either. After several test drives, I found the V6 too weak and uneconomical compared to the Hemi power for only 2-3 mpg less. Unfortunately, I don’t think it rides as smooth / refined as the commercials claim. It still rides like a truck, especially when seated in the back. High price doesn’t = ‘Premium’ comfort. For the same price, I’ll probably wait for the new Acura MDX (even though the new headlights are ugly on those, too).

    • I could not agree more with this post. Rather than lead they decided to follow with that last redesign. I was tempted to get a 2011 but waited for change with trans mission/gears etc but not the exterior. Front end backend terrible. For get it now.

    • I currently have 2 on order now one is sold the other is for sale they should be arriving around end of May 2013

  12. Claude Coulombe

    In Canada we can ordre thé 2014 SRT8 now, but for the other models, i don’t know

  13. When is the new jeep going to be avalible in the UK I currently have two jeeps and I want to replace them with a new Grand Cheroke

  14. What happened to the off road legacy the GC is known for? The redesigned exterior makes it look like a glorified grocery getter instead of a true SUV.

  15. JoeAmerican

    After reading several review sites including this one which talk about the 2014, I’m thankful I was able to score a great deal recently on a 2013 Limited with the Hemi. Yes, my gas mileage is 20mpg as I do mostly highway driving, but that’s the only con I see when I compare it to the 2014. Coupled with all the incentives I got, 100K full warranty, and the almost 0% rate, I scored bigtime. Someone else can be the test subject for a $40K+ new model design. I did that once in my life. Never again. Gas mileage is important, especially these days, but there’s a LOT of other things to think about too.

  16. Wow, the redesign is super UGLY. I own a 2011 and was hoping to upgrade this year but now I won’t. This JGC has the worst looking front end I’ve ever seen… Who are the designers that thought this looked good? Don’t you ask customers what they think? Please fix it!

  17. J Perez

    Really liked the 2013 jeep. This 2014 is ugly! I hope the 2013 will still be in production for the rest of the year so I can get one end of year. You ruined a good thing too early!

  18. Patrick Martin

    Anyone know when Jeep will release the shipping of the Grand Cherokee Diesel?
    They show it on TV in their adds But you can’t order one as the dealers can’t order them yet!
    Anyone know Why?

  19. Jerry Jansen

    Finally got my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4×4 Hemi V8 and I love it. The new design is beautiful! The interior is beautiful. Love the large and responsive display. The seats are very comfortable. Electronics outstanding. Just love it!


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