Enter to Win the Jeep® “Trailhawk Tough” Blog Contest

Enter to Win the Jeep® “Trailhawk Tough” Blog Contest


What makes you “Trailhawk Tough”? Answer this question using the link below and you could win authentic Jeep® brand merchandise and have your response featured on the Jeep Blog.

To celebrate the launch of the limited edition 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, we want to know what makes you “Trailhawk Tough.” Did you navigate a seemingly impossible obstacle, on or off the trail? Like the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, has your capability taken you to new heights?  Maybe you’ve been the rock during a trying time for your family or friends. Tell us what makes you “Trailhawk Tough” and you could win!


After you click the link below, be sure to fill out all of the information in registration form, including your answer to the question, and you could win authentic Jeep brand merchandise and have your entry featured on the Jeep Blog!


Enter the “Trailhawk Tough” Contest Here!



  • (1) Contest Winner will receive a prize package of Jeep branded products consisting of: a Jeep Grand Cherokee messenger bag, Jeep Flexfit® cotton cap, and Jeep tumbler. The Contest Winner and his/her Response will also be featured on the Jeep Blog.
  • (2) Contest Runners-Up will receive a prize package of Jeep branded products consisting of: a Jeep Grand Cherokee messenger bag, Jeep Flexfit® cotton cap, and Jeep tumbler.
  • Prize Limit: Only one (1) Contest prize per Entrant and email address.

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  • http://blueridgejeepers.org Jason

    I have been the Tall Shoulder for a few of my friends.  I myself suffer from PTSD and have many issues that I must deal with alone.  I keep it all to myself, but when a friend is in need to talk, I take their problems on top of my own and help them out.  All of this does nothing more than try to make me a stronger person, and keep myself from falling.  It’s like being off-camber and ready to flip, but some magical thing keeps you upright and on the trail till the end.

  • http://mobilemoneymadeasy.com Dee

    What makes me Trailhawk Tough is that no matter how hard or how much hurt the world will deal you, I never will let that hold me down. I sit and think about it then let it go and move forward. Never let another person take your happiness regardless of who it is. I always stay true to myself and always keep my word. I always lend a helping hand to whoever needs it regardless if I know them or not. Compassion, Kindness, Selflessness, and being genuine is the key to start the engine of life.

  • Joanthan

    I pride myself on the virtues my father instilled in me. Always protect and provide for your family. Put your family first, and above all others. It should never be questioned that you are not living up to the expectations of your family, your actions alone should be enough to show your dedication and reliability. Just like the Jeep brand, you know it’s reliable and your family can depend on it to get them where they need to go. 

  • http://yahoo sonam

    i am a auto enthusiast, and the roads in our Himalayan country needs a vehicle that capable of off road…jeeps vehicles are not well known here, as we don’t have a dealer in Bhutan. people have the perspective that jeep shape vehicles from Toyota are jeep, which is not…and i would be the first one owning a jeep in my country…jeep me like it.

  • Maxxwell Hilty

    Being “Trailhawk tough” in life is showing and acting out in loyalty and stability even when life throws a slippery rocky slope at you. You stay true to your values and on path for your morals. Much like a jeep, continually staying strong even when you put it to the test it’s stays firm and you can feel it’s stability within it. 

  • Patricia MacDonald

    Besides for a Jeep Grand Cherokee being my absolute dream SUV. Yes I would say I am tough after surviving Thyroid cancer in 2000. I received news in 2010 that I have been diagnosed with a non curable form of Lymphoma cancer. I am in remission after having gone through treatments for 2 1/2 years. It will return but not sure when. 1,2 or even 7 years not sure, but I am hoping for 7. If I can go through this yes I am entitled to say that I am Tough. 
    It is on my bucket list to own a jeep. I will not give up my dream.

  • Pia Washington

    Type your comment here… Because I’m  a Jeep Person and I  unerstand the Vaule of a Jeep I gotten though the Winters Snow and Stroms I owed a Jeep every since I cant remember the comfort and the thrill of driving one drives me mad!!!


    I had driven all my Jeeps in two wheel drive where others with their modified monsters could not reach in Four wheel drive.

  • cecil

    I am the owner of a 2006 Grand Cherokee, with 84k miles on it and I am the second owner. In the last 6-15 months while driving on the highway for 2-4 hours at highway speed I have heard a pop  from under the hood followed by the car shutting down and coming to a stop. I wait about 15 minutes and the car starts up again. The firs three times it happened while in cruise control, then the next two times that it happened I was not in cruise control. Has anyone else had that problem

  • James

    I love getting shocked looks from people fishing when I leave the interstate and cross the Red River from Texas to Oklahoma in my Wrangler.  I also love the shocked look of other drivers when I’m driving in a rain storm with no top on and the music turned up in town.  

    Making people jealous who drive “other” vehicles is so much fun.  :)

  • Joseph Craven

    Well it is not hard to compare myself with the new trailhawk. Since I have 3 ZJ’s which are tougher then this new Grand Cherokee. Now She maybe better then the other new GC’s. Plus as a US Vet trained to push what I have harder then they are built for. My ZJ has not only torn down a house and pulled trees out of the ground, she still gets me to work without complaining. Don’t get me wrong I love Jeep but when you make a GC without a lot of computers and with a Manuel Trans I maybe happy to get a new GC. The only thing I changed in my ZJ was take out the 44RH with a NV4500 Trans.

  • yeomandroid

    I have a wife who has been “Trailhawk Tough” for me when everything seems to have gone wrong. Even during our most trying times during 9/11 and me at the last minute’s notice being sent overseas while she was in bad health and taking care of the house, kids, dogs and bills. When I was kicked down, beaten and forsaken by my peers and others, she stood by my side when I ostracized by people I thought I could believe and trust. Even in my most depressing moments abroad and at home, she has been a beacon of light and hope when I would have given up all hope otherwise. She deserves this “Trailhawk” and to be free of her Land Rover LR2 nightmare which she has already paid nearly $2,000.00 in repairs over the last 6 months. She has been loyal to this vehicle to the bitter end and pampers it beyond what is normal, she had all her costly tune-ups, and nothing is missed. My wife deserves more and something better than the poor treatment Land Rover has given her. She deserves the Trailhawk because she is tough and loyal to the bitter end–just like my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit has been to me since April.


    jeep is my feverate!

  • AP

    I wanna win!!!!!!!

  • http://ww.maritimemotors.co.za Cheeky

    Type your comment here…When you get out of your house driving Jeep Grand cherokee, you get out of the house and get into the mobile house Jeep Grand Cherokee is not just a car but a house (mobile house)

  • OldNoob

    OCT 24th to OCT 30th.  6 day contest. WOW that was short!!!  WHO WON????

  • John

    I wan to win I need a Jee.