2014 Jeep® Patriot Shows Its True Colors

2014 Jeep® Patriot Shows Its True Colors


Featuring the available world-class 6F24 six-speed PowerTech automatic transmission, unsurpassed Jeep® Trail Rated 4×4 capability, and fuel economy of up to 30 miles per gallon (mpg), 2014 Jeep Patriot is unmistakably a Jeep vehicle – and the best-priced SUV in America.


2014 Jeep® Patriot Shows Its True Colors



6F24 Six-Speed PowerTech Automatic Transmission

The world-class six-speed PowerTech automatic transmission is fully electronic, designed for fuel efficiency and improved performance. It’s lightweight and compact, providing smooth shifting as Patriot launches through highway speeds. Plus, it helps reduce total cost of ownership and maintenance costs with its fill-for-life design. No transmission dipstick. No transmission filter. No fluid changes (under normal driving conditions).


2014 Jeep® Patriot Shows Its True Colors



Segment-Leading Capability

With three drivetrain configurations, Jeep Patriot has something for everyone. The front-wheel-drive system, Freedom Drive I, and Freedom Drive II® systems offer world-class performance in all weather conditions. With Freedom Drive II, Patriot delivers Jeep® Trail Rated capability to take on steep grades, occasional wheel lift, and rock or log climbing.

2014 Jeep Patriot offers an All-weather Capability Group option that includes Goodyear 17-inch all-terrain tires, all-season floor mats, daytime running headlights, engine block heater and tow hooks. Patriot is the most capable compact SUV off-road and in all weather conditions.


2014 Jeep® Patriot Shows Its True Colors



Safety and Convenience Come Standard

New standard front-seat-mounted side air bags, electronic stability control, electronic roll mitigation, Hill-start Assist, anti-lock brakes, illuminated cup holders, sunscreen glass, and rear fold-flat 60/40 folding seat are among the features that drivers and passengers will appreciate.


And with available features like a Uconnect® Media Center with iPod® interface, SiriusXM™ Radio, navigation with SiriusXM Travel Link, power sunroof, a premium audio system with nine Boston Acoustic speakers, articulating liftgate speakers, and fold-flat rear seats, driving to work or for adventure is entertaining for everyone.

2014 Jeep® Patriot Shows Its True Colors

Three 2014 Jeep® Patriot Models – Sport, Latitude, and Limited

All three 2014 Jeep® Patriot Models, Patriot Sport, Latitude, and Limited, are available with front-wheel drive, the Jeep Freedom Drive I full-time active 4×4 system, or the Freedom Drive II® Off-Road full-time active 4×4 system with low-range capability.


2014 Jeep Patriot has features and capability that deliver true value for consumers. Look for Patriot to hit showroom floors in the second quarter of 2013.

  • Michael Calderone

    Finally I can replace the ’08 Patriot with this one having a real 6-spd automatic and no more CVVT.

  • nanette yuhas

    just wanted to say I heard that you might stop making the patriot. Please keep the Patriot I love my 2008 I drive hundreds of miles a week and I love my patriot and planned to buy a new one when I finish school in 2014 and my husband wants my 08 then it is the best we have had it almost one year PLEASE KEEP MAKING THE PATRIOT

  • http://4wheelonline.com/jeep/Jeep_Doors_and_Door_Parts.45130 Jeep Door

    Jeep Trail is a nice one for me especially since I can manage the fuel 30 miles per gallon isn’t bad for a nice drive.

  • http://4wheelonline.com/jeep/Rugged_Ridge.92332 Ruggedridge

    Clearly looks like its designed for fuel efficiency ….i love this jeep the Acoustic speakers were literally integrated in it with me in mind.

  • Geo7313

    I don’t HAVE a Jeep Patriot as yet but have had my eye on one for several years. I had a 4×4 previously and had a wonderful time driving it. I want to get back to driving another one. Just waiting on the 2014’s with the new 6-speeds transmission but getting one soon thereafter, for fun.

    • headvaselover

      Hello Geo. I have a 2011 Patriot and the motor is way too loud. Dealer said it would get quieter, ( 24,000 miles), but it never has. Take a good test drive. Maybe the 2014 are designed to be quieter..

  • c holz

    Why won’t Jeep produce anything other than the Wrangler in a bright red color. Owned both a Cherokee and a Liberty in Torred. The current colors are conventional and dark. Dodge has both Bright Red and Redline, either of which would bring some sportiness to the Compass/Patriot lines!

  • C Rogers

    I have a 2010 Jeep Patriot. I bought it from our local dealership in December 2011. It had 27,000 miles on it with a full warranty when I got it. It now has 58,000 miles. I have been very pleased with my Jeep, and love it until the last few weeks. The drivers side front bearings have gone bad, you can’t just replace the bearing, its gonna take the entire hub assembly ($278 just for the part) and being a single mother of 3, I naturally asked if it was covered under warranty to fix, (which I am not a genious when it comes to cars, but not dumb either), I just assumed that since it is front wheel drive, and I am still under the drive train warranty, it would be covered. Even if it is just the part. I work for a company that makes a large variety of car parts, and I asked our engineers, and they said that the bearing assembly (hub) should have lasted at least to 100,000 miles. I need help…… any help would be appreciated.

    • headvaselover

      Hello C. I too have a Patriot, 2011. I am sorry about your situation. I have 24,000 miles and the side view mirror motor has already been replaced and now the horn doesn’t work. The warranty isn’t even expired and things are falling apart. Not too confident with this model. Warranty sounds good, but forget these 100,000 mile warranties. When the three years are up…..your on your own. Anyone know where I can get an extended warranty…reasonable??

  • heather

    I just bought my 2014 Patroit last week and I can’t hear the motor running. It is so quiet. I love my Jeep. Hopefully this year model wont have the problems from previous models. I have read some horror stories. Im glad that my insurance has an extended warranty for me 7 year 100,00 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Whatever Jeep doesn’t cover my insurance will as long as its not wear and tear.

  • Debbie

    I bought a brand new Jeep Patriot in 2012. I will never buy a Chrysler car again. My Jeep was in and out of the dealership several times. My interior lights go off and on and door locks go up and down while driving. It started with a water leak in the tailgate. Driving at night is impossible. I filed lemon law papers in January. The car still sits in my yard, cant drive it like that. Borrowing friends cars and Chrysler will do nothing to help me at all. I saved up my money to get a new reliable car and they are not even giving me back my full down payment. The stress I have been under through all this is crazy. They are taking their time paying me , I am a single mother with 3 daughters and they could care less about our safety. This huge company cant even give me my registration money back. So may you never have a Jeep with major problems!

  • tbird

    I have a 2012 with 36,000 miles and its been perfect.
    Just oil changes. I really like the cvt in my jeep. (its a nissan jatco unit) and they are pretty reliable.
    I’ve been getting around 24 mpg overall (60%highway)
    I definity would buy another one. Hope they keep making them and keep same body style.

  • Joe C

    We just purchased the 2014 Patriot. We like it quite a bit, but found that when shopping we couldn’t get the 2.4 engine on the lower priced Patriots…the 2.0 is OK, but that is a lot of vehicle for a 2.0 liter engine.


    I have a jeep patriot 2014 could you tell me were I could
    buy Goodyear 17in all terrain tires ?