Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Cherokee

Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Cherokee


There comes a time when it’s time to break the mold. To shift the paradigm. To go where nobody has been before.

Say hello to the all-new 2014 Jeep® Cherokee, with revolutionary Jeep brand design and world-class craftsmanship inside and out.


Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Cherokee


Lest you be worried that the new Cherokee can’t live up to its namesake, don’t worry – Cherokee has the legendary Jeep brand benchmark capability. Thanks to three new four-wheel-drive systems, Cherokee offers best-in-class capability.



Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Cherokee


The 2014 Jeep® Cherokee raises the standard for mid-size SUVs when it comes to capability.

–          Jeep Active Drive I features a one-speed power transfer unit (PTU)

–          Jeep Active Drive II features a two-speed PTU and low range

–          Jeep Active Drive Lock with a two-speed PTU, low range and locking rear differential


Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Cherokee


The new Jeep Selec-Terrain traction control has up to five customized modes – Auto, Snow, Sport, Sand/Mud and Rock. Add that to its best-in-class V-6 towing capability (up to 4500 lbs.), Jeep Trail Rated Capability and up to a 56:1 crawl ratio (a 90% improvement over the outgoing model), and you have a recipe for serious off-road action.

Fuel Economy

The 2014 Jeep® Cherokee is replete with firsts. Cherokee is the first SUV with a nine-speed automatic transmission. Cherokee features the industry’s first rear-axle disconnect, which improves efficiency and results in reduced energy loss when 4×4 capability isn’t needed.

The 2.4-liter Tigershark MultiAir I-4 delivers a nearly-500-mile range and 45% fuel economy improvement over the outgoing model. And finally, the Cherokee is the first Chrysler Group model to utilize the new 3.2-liter Pentastar V-6 engine.


Design and Craftsmanship


Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Cherokee


The 2014 Jeep® Cherokee is a revolutionary design for the Jeep brand, but one that gives a nod to its rich heritage. Its aerodynamic design combined with its aggressive approach and departure angles contribute to its leading capability. Advanced LED lighting technology and distinctive daytime running lights help give Cherokee its unique look.


Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Cherokee


Cherokee’s premium interior features soft-touch materials and a class-exclusive all-new CommandView panoramic sunroof and Sky Slider roof. Whatever the destination, Cherokee can get you there in comfort, style and an interior that lets the sky be your roof.

We’ll have more on the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee, including its superior on-road ride and handling, advanced technology features, and functionality and versatility. Cherokee is a breakthrough that we’re proud to introduce to our fans. It is, simply put, the new king of the hill in the mid-size sport-utility vehicle segment.


64 Responses to “Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Cherokee”

  1. SlickVick

    This is quite possible the worst thing you have ever done, as a company, and as a whole!!!

    • Christian

      This is the worst idea from Jeep ever, absolutely ugly!!

    • Nordic Dweler

      I agree!! Do they really think loyal JEEP people like us are going to go for this “LOOK-A-LIKE,” to all the other SUVs out there??!!

      I have had nothing but a JEEP for 15 years, always a JEEP CHEOROKEE. I personally like the Cherokee Sport or the Cherokee Classic.

      I have a JEEP because it is UNIQUE / Special / Rugged beyond average and has this history.

      They have already changed the Jeep to resemble other SUVs to the degree that I did not like the changes, but now…, I have to say they have really done it.

      Folks, what we now have for a new JEEP CHEROKEE option is nothing but a cookie cutter stamped version of all the others. No more unique JEEP!!

      How sad!!

  2. AlwaysJeep

    As a driver who has only ever driven Jeep Grand Cherokees, I have to ask: how could you do this to such an already beautiful machine? If I wanted to buy a Ford Escape or Mazda 6 I would have done so. This crossover-esque design is not what the Jeep brand stands for. I drive a Jeep because of its truck-like design. Looks like I’ll be buying used (pre-2014) next time I buy a Jeep.

    • zack_falcon

      You are confusing this with the Grand Cherokee. This is just a Cherokee, a name belonging to a general purpose, lightweight SUV created way back.

      That said, this Cherokee is ugly, and the new 2014 Grand Cherokee is also ugly.

    • Nordic Dweler

      I think it is too bad that our option for JEEP CHEROKEE, has been whittled down to Cookie-Cutter-Style, SUV. No more UNIQUE JEEP. It doesn’t even look like a JEEP anymore.

  3. U.G.L.Y.
    Just another face in the crowd.
    Too bad–Jeep used to stand alone.

  4. Jeep Fan

    I am so glad I just bought a 2013 Grand Cherokee. I started to wait for the 2014 model but now must say I would have looked else where rather than buy this 2014 Cherokee. Jeep has missed the mark with the design of this vehicle. A redesign for the 2015 model should start now if sales are to rebound.

    • zack_falcon

      The 2014 Grand Cherokee and 2014 Cherokee are two different vehicles.

  5. Andrew J

    I like it…it’s a modern Jeep for a modern world. People tend to fear change but I think this is a good and well styled car. Taste is subjective but I’m happy that it doesn’t look like anything else in its segment. You’ll end up getting used to it then wondering why you kicked up a fuss. As long as it is reliable and competatively priced I will buy one for sure…and to those who want ‘proper’ off road ability then there is always the Grand Cherokee and the Wrangler…

    • Andrew J, I could not agree with you more. I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty Sport for almost 9 years and I am ready to embrace the change! Can’t wait to check out one in person!

    • zack_falcon

      ‘Proper’ off road ability? Remove the Grand Cherokee from that one.

    • Sydonia R.

      I totally think this new design is awesome. I have driven Jeeps for over 16 years and I love them. We have had the Wrangler when younger for play and fun, we purchased a Liberty as they were unloading the very first ones off the truck at dealers lot because I just absolutely LLLOOOVVVEEEDDD it. We went to a Grand Cherokee which I loved but was so not something that could be taken off road then to a Commander for room to carry us and 5 teenagers. I have loved all of them and every single one has fit into our lives great. All of these ppl that want to gripe about the new design clearly don’t drive their vehicles enough because the way I see it this design encompasses the Best of both the Wrangler and my Commander. I couldn’t ask for more. The box type design was incredibly difficult with replacing windshields. I replaced 4 windshields in the commander over the 5 years I had it. This design looks great and I have no doubt is going to be Just as great as I expect it to. And of all…. I AM a number one Jeep Fan. Way to go Jeep on keeping up with what majority wants. Some people just have to gripe about something.

  6. People don’t buy a 40K car/truck coated in grey plastic (Pontiac Aztec/Little Tikes) , its just looks cheep and juvenile. This is obvious.

  7. First things first, why would do a crossover-ques design,look the market is very large with plenty of aftermarket products if anybody wanted anything different they would most definitely go for that.Stop trying to offer us an illusion,because that was a really good machine already.

  8. William Pratt

    Folks, I don’t think this is replacing the Grand Cherokee. It is bringing back the classic Cherokee name, in effect repopulating the slot below the Grand Cherokee and probably replacing the Liberty.

    If it performs as well off-road and in snow as that original Cherokee did, with the bulletproof reliability that had while providing modern fuel economy, Jeep will have a hit on their hands and I might just replace my 1999 Cherokee with one.

  9. Kahdir

    I just realized something… all of the negative feedback won’t matter to Jeep because it is coming former Jeep (Cherokee) owners that aren’t in the market for a new vehicle anyway.
    If you’re a XJ owner that hasn’t bought a 4 door Wrangler or stepped up to a Grand Cherokee by now, you’ll NEVER by a new Jeep anyway. Enjoy your classic along with cassette players, VHS tapes and records.

  10. george

    At first i hated it but now, in Trailhawk guise i actually quite like it! The problem maybe that Jeep will be tempted to over price it and also make silly 2wd versions that people don’t want in this segment….leave that to a new mini suv or better still just leave it to nissan Q

  11. george

    What jeep should do now?

    Grand Cherokee:
    GC is great, don’t mess with it anymore other than to bring a base Laredo/Trailhawk model to Europe to fill the huge gap in the range. 4×4 only

    Keep this for the purists as a whole different range, but re-engineer, re-body and raise the ride height across the range. 4×4 only

    All new Cherokee:
    Cheap prices competative. Keep away from the ‘cross-over’ image, leave that for smaller models. Keep chrome ‘bling’ to a minimum. Consider a rear end facelift. 4×4 only

    Make this the cross-over model. Even if it is re-engineered make this the urban cross-over model and possibly resize smaller to compete with other manufacturers. 2wd for most models with 4×4 available on high end models to preserve the off-road brand.

    Either delete this model or re-engineer on the Panda frame as a sub Wrangler model with proper 4×4 creds. 4×4 only

    just my take on how Jeep could take on LR and build a proper product base

  12. Stephanie

    You’re full of it, Jeep. Take the Cherokee badge off there! We are not going into outer space!!! Leave all the space-age junk off and give us a simple Jeep. Go back to your roots or you face the same fate of International Harvester’s Light Truck division, but for a different reason – you wouldn’t put out the Jeep people wanted.

  13. It looks good to me….and the right size for just running around town..I like the power and the miles per gallon…what is there not to like….I will probably get one if the price is right….It looks better than the Ford, Honda or Toyota…..and I am certain it will go where they won’t….

  14. eric steffy

    This is one of he best looking cuv’s out there. I don’t want an antiquated design, or looks. People threatening to take their businesses elsewhere, were not going to buy new. Keep recycling all those old jeeps, as great as they were, I’m going for comfort, great gas mileage, and a modern look. I had a 98 Cherokee, and it was frightening at highway speeds, in Detroit,even new.
    Those of you who want to blame Chrysler for moving toward, don’t care about the employee’s futures. You want Chrysler to keep making old tech, that you would still complain about, and would then go buy a Toyota.
    I, and two other of my friends, are already signed up to receive info on these jeeps, and I will be buying one. I don’t need 4wd, but I want everything else that it represents.
    plus I want to keep American workers (and unions), going.

  15. I’ve owned three Jeeps and I wouldn’t be caught dead in this “car” and I’m not even a hard core offroader. I just think the styling is terrible. Ive looked at this now since it came out in Feb pics and can’t wrap my brain around it. When they give it to me as a fleet rental car I will not drive it. It’s great to take risks, but its also great to recognize errors.

    I think it would be very interesting (not a good business model) to segment and revamp this as the new Patriot (mid size CUV). Create a new cherokee and see how the sales turn out. Time will tell how this thing does, but in all honesty I have never read so many negative comments on a new vehicle. The Jeep FB page is loaded with them everytime they post a picture of this “car”.

    Sorry Jeep, this Jeep owner will not be buying this vehicle.

  16. Does anybody have a clue as to when they will release the pricing of the cherokee at least any guesses as to how much it will be?

  17. Steve T

    I really don’t get all the complaints unless it’s just people that don’t really like change. It happens and needs to happen.
    In my opinion it’s not the best design of it’s size segment that would go to the Evoque, but it’s truly competitive with everything else out there today style wise.
    Though I wish it would have been a bit out of this segments box, size wise closer to the last Cherokee. I’d like something bigger than what’s considered a mid size SUV these days, but not as big as a full size one. The new diesel that is offered in the 2014 Grand Cherokee would be a nice option as well and maybe it is coming in the future. Now where this SUV truly stands out, and is a true first, is the fact that it’s a true off road capable SUV that is also aerodynamic in looks and also function. Most if not all are crossovers meant to go no further off road than the gravel road out behind their local Sam’s Club so the can pick up their 200 pack of toilet paper at the bulk pick up bay door, or the groomed gravel drive leading to their 15 bedroom twin hot tubbed ski chalet. Newer midsized SUV depending… There is nothing that says an off road vehicle has to look like a brick, there is no need for a front end with a grill as big as a 1960 Mack truck. I look at most of the pickups these days and just see cartoon trucks, made to look tuff for the guys that seem to need that, but there is no funtional need except for style for style’s sake, and I guess ,sales to the
    I DON”T LIKE CHANGE, and I’m a badass just look at my truck’s Ginormous Grill ego. Aerodynamics is long since overdue in the truck and off road market. Unless you never take your vehicle on the road, or faster than 40 mph you could live without it. But today everyone needs to think about the aero advantages in better milage.
    A quieter ride just happens to be a very nice side benefit.
    It’s coming and we better get used to it. In automobile design form follows function and aerodynamics is a key function today, and should be.

    • ZJFamilyMan

      Does anyone realize how little extreme aerodynamics affect fuel economy? Jeeps have struggled in the fuel economy race because of heavy beefy drive line components, off road gearing and large tires. No body really cares that this thing doesn’t have solid axles. If it performs off road and keeps Jeep alive then great, but it does not have to look this bad. Throw a patriot body on it and it will be just as efficient but oh so much cooler. Even non-enthusiasts can understand that. Jeep is a specialty brand like Ferrari or Land Rover, they can branch out a little bit but they will fail if they try to compete with major manufacturers.

  18. As a 3 time former XJ owner and a current 2012 GC owner this is smart of Jeep. They can’t remake a flying box (the old XJ) and expect to compete with current fuel economy numbers. We should applaud Jeep for being progressive. Remember the Dakota’s that they were churning out 3 years ago? 4-speed auto mated to an anemic 3.7L. The PT cruiser never changed in the years it was produced, bad product at the end of its life. The Ford Ranger was the same for nearly a decade! The new Cherokee has better fuel economy, handling, and is much much safer than the old marque. Embrace the change.

    • ZJFamilyMan

      I agree but again the styling and aerodynamics have nothing to do with the handling and economy improvements. The solid axles of the XJ were responsible for its poor handling as well as beefy driveline and gearing mated to a primitive (but crazy reliable) 6 cylinder killing its economy. I do think that improvements are necessary especially in this segment but it just doesn’t have to look like that!

  19. I think it’s a beautiful, capable, masterpiece. The trailhawk is going to replace my H2 as ony a Jeep can. I’m ready to buy one!

  20. Am anxious to see the new (2014) Cherokee in person. Spoke with a Jeep rep recently who said they look much nicer “in the flesh” over in photos.
    I like the towing capacity (4500lbs with V6), 9 speed trans, and possible more rugged off road potential than competitor vehicles. Also, there may be a number of aftermarket items for Cherokee not seen, with say, a Santa Fe Sport, which I believe to be quite handsome.
    Hope someone makes some keen bumpers, cat-back exhausts, hi perf air cleaners and wheels–mostly bolt on DIY stuff that light offroaders can do themselves. Yankee ingenuity–go for it.
    Expect the Trailhawk will be 30K plus, maybe too much for me. Perhaps the “Latitude” (cheaper) can be made more off road capable, even without a locking diff, etc.
    Am looking for something that could tow a lightweight trailer to travel the country. This might be the ticket!
    Also awaiting the Mazda CX-5 diesel and Colo diesel.
    Hope the Jeep reliability has improved.
    I was an XJ owner, but believe this will be a step forward.

  21. The Jeep Cherokee is the vehicle we have been waiting for 1) modern design 2) fuel efficient 3) rugged 4) real roof rails for long kayaks 5) American made 6) distinctive (we love the look, btw) 7) not too big, not too small. We spoke to the Jeep dealer today, and we will get a call as soon as the truck leaves the factory for their dealership. We are very ready to buy one!!

  22. aaron carnes

    Just looked at the brochure for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. We have been Jeep owners (Grands and Cherokees) for almost 20 years. This is the first one that appears to be reliable, fuel efficient, stylish, and comfortable. I am keeping my 2001 Cherokee, but replacing the 2004 Grand with the new Cherokee. It appears the company finally has got it right again.

  23. Amber

    I am a Jeep owner. Having owned a Wranger, 01 Cherokee and a few Grand Cherokee’s, I must say that I am excited for this vehicle to arrive on the market. I have been waiting a long time for a Jeep that is fuel efficient and not small like the Compass or Patriot. I will be visiting my Jeep dealership once they arrive.

  24. Ralph (alias)

    This thing, you call Cherokee, may be very off road capable, but it is so ugly I wouldn’t be caught dead in it. Giles screwed the pooch on this one. Aztec from end which is simply butt ugly and a bubble but for the tail lights? I doesn’t speak well when he is saying the it grows on you. It is unfortunate that the front and rear don’t match the first class interior. Sorry, but ugly doesn’t sell and you have managed to alienate the loyal Jeep people who expected more. This is the first ringing of the death of Jeep and Chrysler. I can see that Giles thinks ugly is cool. I was seriously considering trading my 200 in on a new Cherokee, but now I will trade it on a new GMC Acadia, that at least looks American and isn’t ugly. Sorry Jeep and Chrysler, you just lost a very loyal Jeep customer over this ugly, ugly vehicle.

  25. Ralph (alias)

    I should add, that I have no problem with the platform, or power train. I have no problem with what they are trying to do with meeting or exceeding the competition. I take issue with the butt ugly front end and the bubble butt. The front end is much to busy with all the lights and to put the head light down low is a terrible design. If the clean up the front end and get rid of the bubble but, it would be a world beater. As it stands, they have alienated their loyal customer base. I don’t believe it will sell 50,000 copies in theUnited States.

  26. John D

    I am anxiously awaiting this vehicle being available. Just got an email notice from Jeep saying it: “has arrived”. Called the local dealer: “Three to four months.” What a bunch of BS!

    Anyway, this meets a lot of our needs and I don’t understand all the negativity. Hard-core jeep fans still have their Rubicons to bounce around in if they like. So what is wrong with Jeep addressing a larger demographic? I have a Wrangler and have been doing what I would call mid-lever off-roading for over 3 decades. BUT my wife and I are getting older and the Wrangler has become unsuitable due to its rough ride and her back/hip condition. Aging baby boomers are a growing market and just because we don’t want to bounce around off-road doesn’t mean we are ready to sit in our rocker any time soon if ever.

    I have been looking for a Wrangler replacement that will work as a toad/dingy for Baja travels for some time and there isn’t a lot to choose from except for the dear ol’ Wrangler. Also, mileage considerations are a primary factor. So I say good for jeep and if you don’t like it stick with your Rubicon and more power too you!! Just because a model doesn’t meet your needs is no reason to denigrate it especially when it is suitable for a great deal of others (or so Jeep hopes!) Time will tell.

  27. Austin

    Horrendous. We’ve owned 4 Jeeps, over 600,000 miles collectively, we’re your market Jeep. I won’t even accept this as a rental car, and I travel every week.

  28. Gordon

    Have never owned a Jeep before, but am awaiting the arrival of this vehicle to our local dealer, if it looks and performs as good as everything I have seen and read I will be the first in our area to own one. It has been a long wait. Chrysler will be hard pressed to meet the demand.

    • I don’t believe you. Is that you, Jeep marketing director?

  29. To start off I own a Jeep Cherokee, the REAL one, XJ. Built on a platform of off-road mid-size all terrain capable SUV. Lets not forget what SUV stands for, “SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE”! The Cherokee was the absolute first and this is nothing like it.

    This is the “comeback” of what would be an XJ, Jeep was close with the Commnder but unfortunately failed due to German engineering. This is not at all what I expected from the Jeep name. It is catering to the “soccer mom” and grocery getter cross-over. People are relying to much on push button this and push button that. Do they even know what transfer cases are any more with manual shift levers??? Stick to the roots of a true Jeep, solid front and rear axles, transfer cases (REAL 4×4), a bullet proof engine (4.0L) cheap interior so you don’t care if it gets mud, dirt and dust in it, no gateway radio media center and for Pete sake get some gorund clearance!!!

    This whole idea of moving forward with new concepts and ideas for fuel saving is rediculous. The 4.0 was 17 city and on a good day 26 highway, at least thats what I get in my 181,000 1997 (REAL) JEEP Cherokee Sport. Jeep is boxy, square, lines, BIG STEEL bumpers and not plastic fascias.

    I am just sad to see the future “Cherokee” to be this. Its not what a Jeep brand should be. Shame shame….and yes it IS ugly…….

  30. As the owner of the 2007 Liberty which saved my life form a 400lb hitting the windshield at 50mps (thank you American Engineers!) and the owner of 2012 Liberty, the new FIAT is not a Jeep! I So thankful to own one of the last Liberty Engineered by Americans, and built in America. The American Assembled FIAT is UGLY! Chrysler will scrap it 2017… Due to low demand… Just watch and see..

  31. Daniel

    If you guys are going to really produce this hideous crossover, please make the lights bigger and more square. And do something about that horrible back end. This is a disgrace to my Jeep ZJ and I don’t think this should be called a Grand Cherokee.

    Call it something else.

    Cause it’s not a cherokee.

  32. I have had my Liberty since 2004 and love it, and with that said… it is time for a new Jeep! I am extremely excited about the new Cherokee and can not wait to get my hands on it, i will just have to make space in my gargage for another Jeep. Afterall, my Liberty is still in great shape and is not going anywhere!

    Beep, Beep! Got to be a Jeep!

  33. All the people defending Jeep for being progressive and stuff, that’s great. I have no problem with bringing back the Cherokee and updating it to compete (as far as new tech, etc.).

    But this. is. UGLY. It’s awful. I was excited when I heard they were bringing the Cherokee back. It’s always had a special place in my heart. But this looks gross. It’s not stylish, it’s terrible.

  34. Pricing… Without options is on the jeep website. Look at the Cherokee, then scroll down to the trims. MSRPs are right under each

  35. Kahdir

    I looked forward to ordering a well equipped Trailhawk until I saw the pricing… nearly $41k -that’s well equipped Grand Cherokee Limited territory!

  36. Complete disgrace to use the cherokee designation for this model.

    The XJ cherokee is the vehicle that saved Jeep and was so popular even the ZJ grand cherokee, that was supposed to be its replacement was built along side it for almost a decade. It saved the chrysler brand and allowed for the development of the TJ wranger.

    this “cherokee” will destroy the Jeep brand…..looks like the love child of a pontiac aztec and a jeep compass.

  37. I’ve been very interested in the new Cherokee, but I have a lease that’s ended and need to start a new one. Unfortunately no local dealer or even Jeep’s new vehicle contact department could give me ANY information about it, much less a first date I could look at one. I gave up yesterday and ordered another Subaru….

  38. zack_falcon

    Unnaturally ugly. This is what happens when you take the bones of a car, try to add a Jeep on top of it, then give it the properties of a car.

    For those toting the ‘afraid of change’ argument, that argument is invalid. If McDonalds came out with a new Big Mac that tasted terrible, would they simply say people are ‘afraid of change’? No.

    For those who say the looks have to be that way for aerodynamics (and MPG), you are INCORRECT. The Ram 1500 is more aerodynamic than its predecessors, but it does so without adopting the snout of a car. Weight reduction and smart airflow routing does better than simple aerodynamics.

    Those who say that a rebirth of the old XJ Cherokee can’t exist, you are INCORRECT. There is demand for a lightweight, rugged, capable SUV in the same class as the XJ – and this new one isn’t it.

    For those saying Jeep needs another CUV to survive, yes it does, but it also needs another capable SUV t uphold its heritage – and the Cherokee should’ve been, but isn’t it.

    All-in-all, it’s not a bad car, but it’s a terrible Jeep, and an even worse Cherokee.

  39. They got it Oh so right. I’ve been a Grand Cherokee buyer for ages. The next one is a Cherokee for sure! I’m an older driver who likes my motorcycles, sky diving, jet ski’s, power boats and jeeps. Yes I like that I can get Sirius, bluetooth leather and everything else and still go offroad. If you don’t want to buy it don’t. The rest of us will be happy that we can get one sooner without you trying to get it first. Expect them to sell ALOT!!

  40. I so want a Jeep I can use every day that is a step up from the Compass/Patriot but not quite as big as the Grand Cherokee. Excited to hear about the new Cherokee. Dynamically it appears to press all the right buttons. It’s fuel-efficient, has much better off-road ability than similar sized SUVs and should drive on-road as well as any of them. I just can’t live with those looks. Three rows of lights is too much and the headlights in the middle? Will wait for the re-fresh that will inevitably come soon, maybe as a 2014.5 model if Jeep reads the many comments here and on other forums.

  41. This looks like a Sportage, Santa Fe and Rav 4 had a drunken 3-way. It looks like every other SUV out there.

  42. Please Chrysler what is the delay in releasing the Jeep Cherokee…….
    I need a mid-size suv now and can’t wait much longer….Hello Toyota and Honda here I come….

  43. A jeep need to look like a Jeep otherwise they are walking away form their market. For years. We have bought vehicles with questionable quality due to their style. If they no longer resemble jeep they better have the reliability of a Toyota or they will not sell

  44. Ernel Galsim

    What a piece of crap. I didn’t know Jeep started makin Hyundai Santa Fe’s. And to use the Cherokee name, it’s a travesty.


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