Introducing the 2013 Jeep® Wrangler Moab Edition

Last week, we introduced the 2013 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, which debuted as a concept vehicle for the 2012 Moab Easter Jeep Safari. Here’s another special vehicle that also began as a concept for the Moab Easter Jeep Safari, but with a twist – it actually bears the region’s name. For good reason – the vehicle is as rugged and versatile as the rocky, red region itself. Introducing the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Moab Special Edition.



Mike Manley, President and CEO – Jeep Brand says that the Wrangler Moab Special Edition model “take(s) our legendary Jeep capability to new heights, offering even more off-road features and performance…” such as winch-ready steel bumpers, upgraded rock rails, and an available rear-locker.



Off-road enthusiasts familiar with the trails in and around Moab, Utah, surely know what it takes to successfully crawl the legendary terrain. Well, the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Moab Special Edition has what it takes and then some. Here are some of our favorite features.



  • 17-inch Rubicon alloy wheels
  • New 245/75R17 Goodyear Silent Armor off-road tires with Kevlar reinforcement
  • Standard Track-Lok anti-spin rear differential with an available electronic rear locking differential
  • Winch-ready steel bumpers
  • Premium rock rails
  • A crawl ratio of 45:1 when equipped with a manual transmission and a 3.73 rear axle ratio.


  • A unique Mopar® power dome hood
  • Black fuel filler door and tail lamp guards
  • Premium soft-top and black wheel arches
  • Matte black Jeep grille badge and “Moab” decals on the hood
  • Optional body-color three-piece hard top


  • Black or saddle premium leather seating
  • Black stitching on the newly designed 2013 Wrangler seats
  • “Moab” embossed instrument panel grab handle
  • Mopar slush mats
  • Iron Gray trim on the vent rings, grab handles, and steering wheel spokes


The 2013 Jeep Wrangler Moab Special Edition arrives in showrooms in October, available as a two-door Wrangler or four-door Wrangler Unlimited model in some of the Jeep brand’s most distinctive exterior colors: Crush, Dozer, Rock Lobster, Gecko, Black, and Bright White.



34 Responses to “Introducing the 2013 Jeep® Wrangler Moab Edition”

  1. Last paragraph says 2 and 4 door models.

    Interesting ‘bridge’ between the Sahara and Rubicon.

  2. its so cool my husband has i think the 89 jeep wrangler its so cool that they make it with more space now

  3. When do we get a hybrid Jeep and what are the specs on the audio system? We need smart audio systems.

    I am holding on to my 2000 Sahara until I it dies or I can get a Jeep Hybrid or otherwise much more eco friendly engine.

  4. “winch ready steel bumpers” come on man!!! For $40K you think jeep would throw in a $800 winch. Like all the other “special editions” this thing sucks! Just more stickers on the same steel can. At least try to be creative Jeep.

  5. Ricardo Rebaza

    Why don´t you presente a 4 o 6 inch lifted, with 33´s, winch included, VHF radio, HiLift mounted, and all the after market hard ware you can find in internet,

    that will be a really Special edition !!

  6. Can’t lift the 2013 model more than about 3 inches because of how the engine and trans line up with suspension components.  Somebody will have to develop new aftermarket parts.  Better engine but less ability to modify currently.

  7. Capt Charles Loraine

    To be priced between the Rubi and Sahara, its a bit over priced for what you actually get, however I am concerned over the continued use of the Goodyear tires, these are mainly street tire with very bad charactristics in wet and highway speeds in this light vehicle. If you want to increase sales of the Wrangler, put a 3.0L CRD in the Rubicon in the US market soon. we a community have been calling for it for years, yet even with managment changes, no one is listening to the customers who actually purchase new jeeps.

  8. Interesting collection of features. Personally, I just want the Rubicon, but without the luxo-barge features.

    A real Wrangler would be a diesel Rubicon with manual doors and windows, standard stereo, hose-it-out interior and price somewhere around $26k.

    Never gonna happen, but nice to dream.

  9. It’s between a Sport S and a Rubicon….Sahara Trim is 18″ wheels, this is 17″, Sahara trim is painted body match Fenders, this isn’t , so where is the Sahara in this you are seeing? And Sahara hasn’t had Electronic Locking, Rubicon has

  10. Johnny, did you really say you want an “eco friendly” Jeep? Stick with the Prius, sweetheart. Jeeps aren’t for you.

  11. Gauthier

    Hello Jeep People !

    I love Wrangler MOAB !!! Hope we will see it soon in France !

  12. Unlimited wrangler DIESEL option. Hello jeep? Are you listening? How long will it take?

  13. I just ordered my RL 2013 JKUS and updraded to the real locker and downgraded on all the pretty stuff. I am with the majority here, give me something I can hose out with less electronics and more fun. Happy motoring my friends…

  14. i think im ready to trade in my 08 wrangler. october hmmm just in time for my birthday

  15. What is the recommended tire pressure for street driving for the jeep unlimited moab with New 245/75R17 Goodyear Silent Armor off-road tires. The door door says 35psi but the dealer put 44psi.

  16. Carbonvault

    I purchased this vehicle in black, about a month ago. The Sahara side of it can be found in the premium interior – leather and power everything, including heated seats. Alpine stereo system, with sub. Rear locker, but to be honest, my last upscale Sport never seemed to need ANY locker to crawl up anything, so the locker didn’t impress me. The power-dome hood is more of a pain in the butt than anything, as rain, mud and snow collect in it’s valley, and I can tell that if wax isn’t applied regular it will be a finish issue in the future. Want to lift it?…get the Unlimited 4-door…puts less of an angle and stress on the rear shaft, but at a cost of turn radius and breakover. This is a feature-laden cross between the Sahara and Rubicon, to be sure of it. To me, the best “Special Edition” to date, overall, which is why I spent the 46 grand on it I did. It’s not without a want-list, but certainly a great mix, save for that stupid hood. Oh, and the rumors that the hood is like that for a raised engine/tranny is just that…a rumor. It’s identical, mechanically, as any other Sahara/Rubicon. The bumpers are sweet, and I easily fitted 33s on Ion wheels under it. Didn’t care for the for the MOAB/Rubicon wheels, nor those lame BadYear Silent Stuck-In-A-Hole tires, so they are sitting in the garage. The dual-top-group is a great option I went for…first-time, and so glad I did. The Hard-top was color-matched, while the fenders are not…exactly what I was looking for, as the painted fenders get their finish roasted off-road anyway…never understood why anyone wanted painted fenders on these, unless they were forever going to be road-queens. I just purchased a dana 80 locker for the front, but probably will never install it. And no, in answer to a question earlier…no front locker from factory, just the rear, and only as an option, which I did but question now. If you buy it…lose the lame tires, and you have an awesome special edition. Anyone who says it’s a waste of money is one, jealous, and two, probably just cant/wont afford it. Drive this machine up the Hatfield McCoy trails one time and you’ll love it! (Don’t get caught!)

    • Denny

      Well said! How are you enjoying so far? I’m thinking about the 10th Anniversary vs. Moab…will be installing 35’s or the metric version which slightly wider…would appreciate your opnion. Take care!

  17. Squatch

    I purchased the MOAB lat April, Superb Jeep. I was choosing between the moab and the rubi, got a great deal on the fully loaded dune colored moab. It rides smooth, no hum on highway. i have a lot of cactus around a property here in Texas, so the kevlar tires was a good little bonus, i dont mud so no need for the rubi’s mud-terrain. as for off-road performance, I have hit some pretty kinky trails with no problem, felt like i was on pavement other than the trees. I do like the hood, its got its little uniqueness to it that you never see anywhere. Your essentially purchasing a Sahara with a Rubicon lift, style, and feel. in my month of ownership, i have hit 25 mpg on hwy multiple times, and with the alpine system with the top down, you wouldnt know you were driving by an 18-wheeler. the only addition i would have liked to add on would be some d-rings and a winch, unfortunately its hard to find a winch to fit that sick steel bumper.


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