Introducing the 2013 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Trailhawk


The best get even better. Introduced earlier this year as a special vehicle for the 46th Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari, the 2013 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is making the leap from a concept to the showrooms this fall – and its capability will wow enthusiasts.



Just how, exactly, can the most awarded SUV and most capable Grand Cherokee get even better? By featuring off-road equipment never before offered on a production Jeep vehicle. Available with a V-6 or V-8 engine, the 2013 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk features capability-enhancing equipment such as:


  • 18-inch Goodyear Silent Armor all-terrain tires with Kevlar reinforcement
  • Solid steel rock rail body protection
  • Quadra-Lift air suspension, with nearly 11 inches of ground clearance
  • Selec-Terrain traction control system with five settings: Snow, Rock, Sand/Mud, Sport, and Auto
  • Rear Electronic Limited-slip Differential (ELSD, V-8), which can transfer up to 100% of the engine’s torque to one rear wheel in order to keep the Jeep moving forward even in the most extreme situations
  • Quadra-Track II or Quadra-Drive II (V-8) with a two-speed transfer case to help conquer the toughest obstacles



Among other unique features are the signature red Trailhawk and Trail Rated badging and tow hooks, black-surround headlamps, and a unique gray on the grille surround, side mirrors, rear light bar, 4 x 4 badge, and five-spoke aluminum wheels. To reduce glare from the sun, a black decal with a red accent stripe adorns the hood. Inside, the Trailhawk features black leather and performance suede seats with red accent stitching and Mopar® slush floor mats.


Look for the limited-edition 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk – available in Bright White, Brilliant Black, Mineral Gray, Maximum Steel, and Deep Cherry Red – in showrooms in October.





54 Responses to “Introducing the 2013 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Trailhawk”

  1. JeepGuy48

    It’s Nice but it just comes across as an upscale Package what about the Concept vehicle from 2006 now Thats what should be made not just a Package for The Grand Cherokee Kind of dissappointing 8-/

  2. Very Nice.

    I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee which has been flawless since day one.

    This may be the next one!

    • dittos 2004 with 170k In Line Six .. No problems burns zero oil and troble free..

  3. As a compromise, I do wish they had put a tailgate on it, (bottom half folds down, top half flips up) … that makes a damn fine place to have a seat while out doing anything outdoors.

  4. Mario Perrier

    Would be nice to see the grand without all the plastic on it, like real steel bumpers and heavyduty axles, the select track trans and without the quadro lift witch is going to be a night ear to keep working

    • I don’t care so much about the plastic bumpers, but am totally with you about the Quadra Lift. It’s a shame you can’t get the Quadra Drive II without it. This is just another badge and trim package.

  5. Nice looking …but too fancy for me…bumpers too low…and too much luxury…a nice “city” Jeep…

  6. I’m sure it’s a great machine, I can’t wait to check one out in person! Technology isn’t a bad thing if it’s used right –

    I do wish there was more wheel travel, Independent suspension is fine but having a tire off the ground can be SCARY no matter how much traction you have on the other 3 – when it tips without the benefit of a shock absorber to control that momentum it’s just asking for a tragedy.

    I trust that the Jeep engineers are excellent at their job, but like others I question the direction they’re given. If I wanted a frickin Nissan Murano or BMW X5 I’d buy one of THOSE. I’m fine with the trail rated Patriots and whatever being light duty dirt road adventure mobiles, but the Grand should be daddy to everything – including the Wrangler. I’m not spending $60k so someone in a $30k vehicle can show me up.

    • The system in the grand and the wrangler are the same 4×4, those little compass are on a car plate form and 2012 liberty , grand and wrangles are on jeep plate forms, those little guys won’t be much as a 4×4, and they say a topped out 70 thousand wrangler is just as good as a 130 thousand Mercedes G, and Jeep is better then Land Rover, now that jeep is going world wide in sale, and more on to LR area,
      BMW will never be a Jeep , they are pretty and scare of getting dirty, Jeeps are American icon, they saved this country in wars and been around for 70 years as a Jeep, not no suv made up in the 80’s for the rest of the clans

    • Paulski
      Jeep are not a dog show,
      Jeep is growing big time,
      You know that the interior stylist is from Mercedes , you know jeep is on a roll in sales these days, now with horsepower and more mileage the sales of Jeeps are going up

  7. 04Overland

    Well, I like it!

    The days of full steel bumpers and no electronics are long gone. Not sure why people keep expecting to see something like an ’80’ FSJ Wagoneer coming off of today’s assembly lines?

    I do wish Jeep would put the 4:1 T-Case form the Rubi in the WK, that in itself would make a big improvement in ‘Trail Ready’ status straight off the showroom floor!

  8. Wish they put some more innovations in their Wrangler line like a 6.0L HEMI and front and rear Dana 60s or even 44s with more skid plates and relocate that EVAP canister. Would be awesome if they plated the oil pan. Not sure if they did the same for the Grand Cherokee.

  9. I like the white one………………
    Would like to see more pictures…………….

  10. Sam Sullivan

    Would it have killed you to put some REAL equipment under this thing? Was really hoping for some Rubicon-esce capability here. Might as well have some plastic wood paneling on the outside…

  11. in my opinion, the last great Grand Cherokee was the 2002 laredo sport. solid axles, V8 with a selec-trac transfer case (no quadradrive or quadratrac garbage).

    ive got a 04 limited which looks like a volkswagen beetle compared to my moms 2012 overland.

    aside from the wrangler, jeeps are starting to look like every other car on the road

  12. Unfortunately everything is governed by the almighty dollar and Chrysler isn’t going to produce vehicles for cult niches – nor will any other major manufacturer 🙁


    Earlier this year I made a suggestion. I suggested the Jeep Patriot be re-made rear wheel drive and convertible. This would open up a new buying crowd especially to those who can afford a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Think of the idea for awhile. Let me know what you think. Thank you.

  14. I own a 2012 Rubicon on 37s and i would love to see anyone try to follow me in this even on the easier trails. Another 60k mall crawler with bad gas mileage. Real lockers, steel bumpers, and the rock trac 4to1 and maybe i could see some value in it.

    • Ian, this GC can do most of what your Ruby can do, is much nicer on the inside and is actually fun to drive on the road too. That’s what jeep is going for with this, and they succeeded remarkably well. Oh, and have fun getting in a high speed collision on the road with steel bumpers that don’t collapse LOL

  15. paul bright

    hello from South Africa 🙂
    I have two jeeps. one 1997 ZJ 4.0 still going strong! and 2012 KK 2.8 CRD yet another solid jeep. unfortunately we do not get many of these awesome looking and capable special editions here. I hope this stunning trailhawk will make it to our african shores. what a beauty!!!

  16. wondering about getting a 2012 jeep grand cherokee laredo any reviews good or bad

  17. Robert Ploen

    My last 2 Jeeps were and are Rubicon Wranglers. I am looking to get into a smoother ride with the ability to go off road.
    This should be the next best thing to a Rubicon.

  18. looks too texan, overland still the 1..even the altitude, dont forget the srt..ooowwweee

  19. John Levell

    Wouldn’t mind adding one to our Jeep Fleet of three XJ Cherokees (still my favorite), one 20o4 Grand Cherokee Laredo, and an 1987 Comanchee.

  20. I still think of trying to make a grand Cherokee good at going off road jeep should just bring back the xj theres a reason they made over a million of them

  21. I have a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 368,000 miles on it and its just starting to burn oil. I might just have to upgrade to this one. I hope it gets as many miles as my ’93 does.

  22. I LOVE THIS!  I’m on my 2nd Grand Cher and was looking for a new one in 2013!  THIS IS IT!!!!  How do I Get????

  23. Stanley Meaderds

    Outstanding, my wife has been driving Jeep for about ten years, we love them. We would love to get behind the wheel of this one.

  24. Vic Wright

    I have a 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo Hemi now. Can’t justify a new one yet ’cause the current one is just to good at everything. If I could justify it I might consider the Trailhawk. Maybe just an Overland next time, but positvely a Grand Cherokee.

  25. i have a 1998 jeep grand cherokee limited edition . the new grand cherokee is really nice.

  26. I really wanted to purchase the 2013 TraiHawk. However, Jeep is not offering it in the only color I want.

    Mineral Gray Metallic is not an available color. I can not believe that Jeep would put Mineral Gray grill, wheels, outside rear view mirrors on the vehicle and not offer Mineral Gray as an exterior color.

    The TrailHawk on the website can be shown with the Mineral Gray color and really looks good.

    A big marketing mistake by Jeep who has now lost a customer.


  27. @Andrew G – if Jeep lost a customer over COLOR!…all the rest of us can say is ‘good riddance’ — it’s about heart, soul and history – not a paint job !

  28. As we are on our third GC, this one seems pretty nice and has some bells and whistles but I am not sure if it is meant to be the rugged machines of the older Chreokees which can take a real beating.

  29. a grand ckerokee should not be considered an offroad vehicle. if you want a good offroad 4×4, buy a pre2001 cherokee with a straight six(4liter) with a manual transmission.Type your comment here…

  30. Why don’t they offer a winch or some other type of front bumper with a package like this?  the ground clearance is not to good “better then stock” but something a LiL more durable then the plastic that would be damaged or torn off at the first obstacle ?   IMO

    • JMP, the plastic air dam is removable. Read the website.

  31. After personally driving our demo unit, I can honestly say this is one bad to the bone Jeep! With the Quadra lift, the armor, upgraded Kevlar tires, rock rails and Trailhawk bits and pieces this is not only a capable Grand Cherokee, but a beautiful one to look at as well! Thee interior is definitley unique and gives it a performance feel that the Overland never enjoyed. To get a more sport infused interior you would have to take one out of an SRT! I have two of these rare vehicles in stock right now. I can be reached at (575)654-0989 or at, give me a call/ shoot me a message and I will provide any information needed!

  32. Just got a Silver Trailhawk! What a beast. I had a red 12 Laredo X and silver 11 Overland. This one is the best! The only thing I miss is the heated steering wheel from the Overland. I have had 4 XJs, 6 Grand Cherokees a Liberty and a Commander. I was going to wait for the new 2014 or an SRT, but this Trailhawk made me act now! I can’t wait to take it off-road.

  33. Is it a Limited, Overland or Special Edition and why didn’t they put the emblem on it stating this info?


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