2011 Jeep Wrangler Renegade

If you couldn’t clear your schedule to be in Moab, Utah last week, don’t sweat it. We were able to get the entire scoop on the six special models that enthusiasts were drooling over at the 2011 Moab Easter Jeep® Safari, one bearing a legendary name scrawled across its hood: Renegade.

All of you who love the 1972 CJ5 Renegade will find a lot to get excited about in this new one-off effort from Jeep and Mopar—starting with the Street and Racing Team (SRT) engineered 475-horsepower, 6.4-liter HEMI® engine. Yeah, we said 475 horsepower. But the hits don’t stop there: a 6-speed manual transmission sends the power to a Dynatrac ProRock44 front axle and ProRock 60 rear axle with ARB air lockers and 4.10 gears. The new Renegade gets its rock on atop an AEV/Nth Degree 4-inch lift kit and 35-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Claw radials. We’ll let that sink in for a moment while you lament not being able to walk into your local Jeep® dealer and buy one…

Ok–moment over, moving on. The Renegade brings back styling cues like the bikini top and a half-door kit. Rock rails and Warn’s new 9.5 CTi series winch mounted on the front protect and assist you during your adventures (not that you’ll need any help, of course). The Katzkin interior can be found in the Mopar catalog and the black-and-gold paint is straight out of the Renegade’s glorious past. We brought the rocks, the trails and the Renegade; your turn to bring the Foghat and Zeppelin.
See you on the trails. Let’s rock.

*This post discusses off-road driving. The vehicle featured has been modified with non-standard equipment. Rock crawling and off-road driving are inherently dangerous activities. All participants in the activity assumed the risk of off-road driving. Always take proper precautions and exercise discretion before attempting off-road driving, including, without limitation, driving within your ability and experience, using appropriate harnessing devices and having proper safety gear ready.

9 Responses to “2011 Jeep Wrangler Renegade”

  1. Once again, an awesome product that Jeep will never produce. I bet I can get a jetpack or hoverboard before we are able to buy a diesel powered Wrangler in America.

  2. RHD 2.8CRD in UK or LHD from rest of Europe.
    What is stopping your from importing to US and then  getting in touch with a UK or other Euro based supplier of parts?
    In fact the 2011 MY now boasts 194bhp and 300+ lb ft of torque
    Happy Jeepin

  3. We could import a jeep (that sure haqs a weird sound to it) into the USA, but it would not be certified to meet U.S. Emissions and safety regulations.  Certain states, such as California, have even tougher emissions regulations and the manufacturer must certify compliance.  Thus one could not even “Import” an Arizona Jeep to California until it has a certain amount of miles on it (I think it is 15,000) unless it was only to be used off-highway and never to be licensed.

  4. But I would MUCH rather have one with a diesel than a hemi.  I need better mpg and more torque. What good is 425 HP in a Wrangler?  Regular gas is now averaging $4.30/gal in SoCal and in some places (Furnace Creek, CA) is getting close to $6/gal.  Wake up Jeep!!  And the current Wrangler is too wide for tight trails that were built for flat fenders.

  5. CBLoraine

    It to bad Jeep doesn’t listen to its customer base, and bring the EPA compliant 3.0 CRD to the USA. I will be trading in my 06 Rubicon for something differant this year, being a loyal customer for 26 years, without a diesel in the lineup once again, I will be looking else where. Jeep if you want to keep a customer, just let me know if you plan on a selling a diesel in the US within the next 2 years.

  6. Hi CB and that sums it up, Jeep need to listen. 26 years is a long time, there must be manay others who feel the same way.

    A Diesel JK from the UK with 15k miles would be about 1 year and sells here for around £16 to £18k on a dealer forecourt.


  7. Mike Kelemen

    I would walk in and buy that unit right now, because thats what we need in Canada. it should be a ltd build and your Crazy for not trying it on the market.

  8. That is an awesome looking and powerful Wrangler! I already decided that my new Jeep is going to be black but now I think I’m also gonna go with half doors.
    And speaking of diesel engine in Jeeps, I know that there are rumors of it being available in the US in 2013, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. We are such a huge market, that so much more demand would drive diesel prices even higher and all the efficiency gains would be offset by ridiculously high prices.

  9. Am i the only one who thinks they should make a 4-door Renegade? i think it would be a very successful blend between the top model and the 4 door body.  im from northern michigan and like going through canada and just speaking on behalf of anyone who spends a lot of time in rugged terrain and territory, i think it would be an ideal setup.  Then you can take more people and/or gear on your excursions and not be limited by where you plan on going.  just a thought…


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