Jeep® Heritage | 1947 Jeep Willys Pickup

The Jeep® brand has a long history of building Go Anywhere, Do Anything™ pickups and it all began with this one, the 1947 Jeep Willys Pickup. At a time when America was busy building the foundation of a great economic and industrial expansion, vehicles capable of accomplishing new feats and aiding everyone from a mom and pop store to construction sites were needed. Enter the Jeep Willys Pickup.


The Jeep Willys Pickup was manufactured from 1947 to 1965, with some changes made along the way. This particular model, which lasted from 1947-1950, had two versions, the 2T (2WD) and 4T (4WD). The famous Go-Devil flathead four-cylinder engine was under the hood, and the T-90 manual transmission that powered the CJ-2A also powered the first iteration of the Jeep Willys Pickup.


The original 1947 Jeep Willys Pickup would go on to lay the groundwork for later Jeep pickups like the Forward Control, Gladiator, Honcho, CJ-10, and Comanche (all of which will be featured on the Jeep Blog in the weeks and months to come). Stay tuned to the Jeep Blog as we dig deeper into the iconic legacy of the Jeep brand.


Bonus: Check out the full lineup of 1947 Jeep Willys vehicles below. Can you identify all of the vehicles in the photo?





10 Responses to “Jeep® Heritage | 1947 Jeep Willys Pickup”

  1. John P. Levell

    Progressing from left to right the Jeep Vehicles in the rear of the photo are; Jeep Station Wagon, Jeep CJ-2A Fire Truck, Jeep Stake Side Pick-up, Jeep Panel Delivery, Jeep Pick-up, Jeep Station Sedan, and a Jeepster.. And the centerpiece, a Jeep CJ-2A of course. Nuff Said?

  2. Thomas Roberts

    Is this a hint of things to come? As in Jeep will make a pickup again? Maybe with a diesel?

  3. Derick Bartlett

    What a great brand and amazing vehicles. I myself have the amazing XJ and a TJ plus a new addition the JK all of which have been great and all have never had issues with. It would be awesome if Jeep would come out with another pick-up and make more Diesel Engines!

  4. when Jeep bring out a pick up I will be the first in line to buy one.  when are they going to make a new one?

  5. Starting off as a hugely appreciated concept back in 2005 model year, the Jeep Pickup was destined for its final production line, but still didn’t happen owing to some financial problems at Chrysler. 

  6. Paul Siemer

    Aren’t these Willys and Willys Overland cars as opposed to Jeeps?

  7. John Nusbaum Jr.

    HELP. I have a 47 2T truck , I’m needing to change the frt king pins.. I find 2 different pin kits, one is twice the price as the other.. Of course mine now has the high dollar ones.. Are they interchangable, or do I need to stick with this type ?? New on here, so be gentle , Thanks


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