The History of the 1957-1967 Jeep® FC 150/170 Pickup



We’re diving even further into our past as part of our 70th anniversary celebration with a look at one of the more bizarre designs to roll out of a Jeep® factory. For a short period of time in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, we took it upon ourselves to build a forward-control pickup truck with an incredibly small wheelbase of just 81 inches. While the old FCs looked a little strange, they were perfect for hauling big loads through tight spaces. Drivers could easily maneuver through cramped city streets or confined building lots to get their loads where larger trucks simply couldn’t tread.


The FC 170 came with a slightly larger wheelbase of 103.5 inches, though that spread was still smaller than nearly every other work vehicle on the road. Toward the end of the FC life cycle, the cab-forward trucks were even available with full-floating axles in the front and rear, a four-speed transmission and dual-rear wheels for seriously heavy-duty use. Stay tuned for more on our history.


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  1. Stephanie

    I saw a gorgeous example on Monday at a stop light.  Turquoise blue with the white slot grill, restored!  I gave him the Jeep wave through the light.


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