Outfit Your Jeep 101: Interior

While your Trail-Rated® Jeep® brand vehicle is comfortable and fully functional off the showroom floor, most of us like to add some personal touches to the interior.    While personal touches are sometimes cosmetic, more often than not, they are designed to enhance the way our vehicle functions, performs, or makes driving more comfortable.  Other items are purely for convenience or security, but improvements to your vehicle’s interior can also enhance and improve the safety of your off-roading experience.  You can make a statement by outfitting the interior of your Jeep brand vehicle by checking out http://www.mopar.com/.

Security – Steel security boxes are a great way to protect your valuables for those who have a soft top on their Jeep Wrangler.  Security boxes can either be added to the rear compartment or they can replace the factory center console or glove box.    They are usually not too complicated to install yourself or you can have it professionally installed at a local 4×4 shop.

Seat covers – Seat covers can protect your seats from the sun, mud, and other elements while off-roading or having fun in the outdoors. They are also useful if you damage the seat fabric and don’t want to replace the entire seat.   Seat covers made from neoprene or vinyl dry quickly and are easily removed for washing.   They are available in a variety of colors and can be purchased for all models of Jeep brand vehicles.

Electronics – Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are handy tools to navigate either on the highway or on the trail.   GPS units use satellite technology to track and pinpoint your exact location anywhere in the world.  Units can either be purchased as an in-dash option from the factory or they can be installed as an after-market unit on the top of the dashboard.   They generally include maps and can track your progress in real time.   A GPS unit is a must-have if you are trail driving in the backcountry.

Accessories – There are virtually unlimited interior accessories available for all models of Jeep brand vehicles.  Items such as cargo bags, fire extinguishers, grab handles, and on-board air systems, can all enhance your adventure and off-road experience.  Be sure to visit http://jeepparts.mopar.com/jeep/, the best place to find great accessories for your vehicle.

Off-Roading – For the serious off-roader, after-market accessories can enhance and improve the safety of the trail driving experience.   Roll cages can add additional safety and interior protection to any vehicle and should be professionally installed to guarantee quality and safety.   Another great add on is the on-board air system, which uses a small CO₂ tank to provide compressed air for various needs while on the trail.    It is usually located in the rear compartment of the vehicle and is used to re-inflate tires or provide power for air tools.

While these are all great ways to improve your off-roading experience, many times interior improvements are improvised from individual need.  One of the first things we did when we brought home our Jeep Wrangler Rubicon was to remove the rear seat and roll on some truck bed liner in the floor of both the rear seat and cargo area.   Why?  Because we wanted to make sure our dog wouldn’t slide around the back of the vehicle while we were off-roading.    Removing the rear seat also added extra cargo room, and the liner added extra protection from water and mud as well as making it easier to clean at the end of the day.

These are just a few ideas on outfitting your vehicle’s interior.  What are some of the ways you have outfitted the interior of your Jeep brand vehicle?

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  1. Why do you need all that fancy stuff?  My CJ-7 has a steering wheel, 3 pedals, 2 gear shifts and one gauge.  Long live simplicity.

  2. Here in the land of OZ, I discovered that Jeeps (the wrangler  4 door unlimited in my case 2010 and 2011 ) is slightly different here. Models can have factory lift kits installed, or have chrome packages , with bigger wheels, and leather heated seats installed for a more of a city feel, I mix both and am thinking of going a bit further. I have had mercs,, alfas, and more recently an audi, but the jeep is the most fun I have had with my top off.

  3. Lady Esther

    I removed the back seat,passenger seat and put in an inflatable mattress/ bed so I could sleep in truck stops while out and about.And..to keep the light out becasue truck stops are so brightly lit..I added curtains. 😀
    All things are stored under the bed-but I only do light 4 wheeling, I don’t roll it

  4. I’d really love to buy the new 2011 wrangler sport, but I’m not feeling the love for the black interior … and don’t talk to me about colored seat covers. When I can get a fabric interior in something other than black (like camel or gray), then we’ll talk.
    It also would help me get serious about a Wrangler if gas prices drop back down to $3 a gallon, or even better — Jeep decides to include a 6-cylinder that gets like 22mpg in the city instead of 15.

  5. Does MOPAR have the security steel boxes, consoles and glove boxes?  I can’t find them and want to know what is available for my 2011 JKU.

    • The Tuffy stuff is very nice.  I installed a Tuffy security console half-speaker box about two weeks ago and they are great!
      Haven’t heard any plans for Mopar to offer something comparable so Tuffy is your best bet.

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