Mopar® JK-8 Pickup Kit

The minds at Mopar® have done it again. During our 45th Annual Moab Jeep® Safari, we modified the Jeep Wrangler JK-8 to make it a pickup truck. Since then, demand for the conversion kit has been huge. At only $5,499 you can transform your Jeep Wrangler into a pickup. Available for order through Mopar at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram Truck dealerships, the kit is simple enough that a skilled d.i.y.-er can do it at home – but of course your dealership is happy to do it for you as well.


  • Kara finch

    I have a 2 door yellow jeep wrangler that I want to convert into a pick up can you use the jk8 kit to convert it or do you need a four door jeep?

    • Devin Berwick

      Check out South Texas Outfitters 2 door Jeep truck. Their website is

    • Levi Chipps

      You need a 4 Door 2007 to 2012.

  • Brad Gifford

    I have a customer that would like to convert a 2012 Wrangler. How do we order this kit?

    • Levi Chipps

      Call US!  you will not get it cheaper from anyone.  I am selling them at cost.  888-527-7661 or 253-845-1725.

      There will be freight but not a better deal overall!

  • Levi Chipps

    We have 3 of the kits in stock and ready to ship for $4900.00 plus shipping.  If you are in the market, contact me at the following:
    Levi Chipps
    Larson CJDR
    2001 N Meridian
    Puyallup, WA 98371  (Suburb of Seattle)

  • Eino Maki

    Now folks and Chrysler:

    Doesn’t this tell you something?
    There is a demand for small trucks!

    Dodge, Chevy and Ford killed their small trucks. You have to build your own from a Jeep. Why doesn’t Jeep sell a truck version? They used to. (Check out the chicken tax.)

    My Jeep is 7 years old. I’ll be watching for the Gladiator truck.

  • Chris

    Just wondering if this kit is available only for the unlimited model or is it available for the 2012 base sport model as well?

    • Levi Chipps

      It has to be any level of a 4 Door, 2007 to 2012

  • Pat

    Just bought new 2012 JK8 pick up already put together at dealership with nice lift and wheels. I just love it, rides quiet and smooth. Is there a trick to getting the front seats to pull forward more to have more room to store items behind the seats. Very tight passage to place items in back.  Are there any accessories with the conv kit, such as bed liner and rails, tonneau covers, soft top cover for roof, storage container for ext cab area, secure net for bed, etc.

    • Tastebud

      @ Pat,

      What was the sticker on your 2012 JK8?

    • Bryant

      Pat i bet it was pretty expensive straight out of the dealership hu?

  • craig

    Any hope at ALL for a 2 door Jeep truck kit???  Love this! 

  • joe

    ive been waiting for the wrangler truck??? whatever you want to call it… i know it would be a big hit… and way cooler than the hummer truck… whatever thats called. just a,mke sure there is more than 3 ft bed… atleast 5 feet.

  • hoe versier ik een man

    hoe iemand verleiden stel zoekt vrouw

  • Allen

    I just purchased a new JK8 conversion. Love it, but does anyone make a tonneau cover that allows easy access to the bed?

  • Samantha

    Can the “truck” be made with all 4 doors or would you still only end up with a 2 door??

    • Allen

      No. Only two doors on jk-8 conversion, but check out They are working on a Brute double cab conversion kit that keeps all 4 doors. They have already built one that they are giving away in a sweepsteaks

    • Doug knowles

      Looking for bed cover too!

  • Jeep Suspension

    Converting the Jeep Wrangler JK-8 to make it a pickup truck was a great idea. Looks great!

  • jeremy

    I need a toneau cover for a jk-8 right away. Anyone know where to get one in Pittsburgh area?

  • Allen

    I have also been looking for a tonneau cover for my jk-8. I found the company that helped design the kit along with Jeep. It is Michigan Vehicle Solutions in Southgate, MI. I called them at 734.288.8470 and they said they were working with different companies that make covers and hope to have one within 60 days. Call them and put your name on list.

  • Allen

    I purchased my JK-8 already built at the dealer. They are dealer ordered and assembled sort of like GM did with the COPO cars back in the musclecar period.

  • garrett

    what is the price at dealership out the door ?

  • Allen

    It depends on the options on the original 4 door unlimited. It will be about 10 to 11 thousand over price of original Jeep. I got mine for 44,000.

  • Allen

    WARNING!!–I have a JK8 I bought new. Within 6 months it has started rusting out. Chrysler will not stand by the warranty. Take my advice. DO NOT BUY!!