Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Interior Design

Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Interior Design


The 2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee redefines the premium SUV, thanks to its world-class craftsmanship, exceptional fuel economy, user-friendly technology, on-road refinement and legendary Jeep brand capability. We’re going to take an in-depth look at the Grand Cherokee’s new interior. You spend so much of your day driving your vehicle – don’t you deserve to be enmeshed in a meticulously crafted, technology-forward space? Yeah, we thought so.


“From a mechanical and technological standpoint, the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee reaches a new level of refinement, so we needed to create a premium interior that pushes the boundaries of interior design even further,” said Klaus Busse, Head of Interior Design – Chrysler Group LLC. “Inspired by locations around the globe, we employed colors, tones and textures that not only portray the go-anywhere nature of Jeep, but that also enhance the luxury experience.”


Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Interior Design


The Grand Cherokee’s center stack features new 5-inch or available 8.4-inch touchscreens with easily identifiable knobs and buttons beneath for radio and climate controls. The new leather-wrapped T-handle shifter (for the eight-speed transmission) features in the center console. A three-spoke steering wheel is also wrapped in leather and features real wood on Overland Summit models.


Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Interior Design

Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Interior Design


To further enhance the technology-driven and personalized cockpit, the configurable multiview gauge cluster features 7-inch Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) technology. Drivers can select from various layouts and information that can be displayed at the center of the cluster.


Closer Look: 2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Interior Design


Stay tuned to the Jeep Blog as we delve further into the premium SUV, redefined. We’ll have more about the exceptional detail and truly global inspiration behind each Grand Cherokee model.

  • Fuccicl

    When are the 2014 going to be available to purchase?? Awesome vehicle! Love the updates!

  • Mike

    The exterior is absolutely awful.

  • Julio

    Love the Grand Cherokee. In fact, I currently own and still drive 2(1995 and 2005). Purchased a 3rd vehicle this year. Unfortunately, because the MPG for the Grand Cherokee I couldn’t bring myself the purchase another.

    • maxwell

      they have a v6 diesel thay gets 30mpg on the hyw

  • Bryan

    I love Jeep i mean LOVE Jeep but this kind of disappoints me.

  • Roxy

    Would be nice to know the cargo area dimensions. One of the reasons I’ve not been keen in the WK2 interior, specifically the cargo area, is the smaller hatch opening space as well as the space between the wheel wells.

  • Melissa

    The big question will they be built in China?
    I have been a Jeep owner( Cherokee, Liberty and 3 GC) for many years and I keep seeing the quality go down hill but bigger price tag. Let alone financing options that have made me think that loyal customers are a thing of the past..

  • ray

    i work at jeep and we just got in 2 2014 GCs they are nice the lights are different but overall same shape they both have paddle shifters and have the new 8 speed automatic trans the cargo space looks the same to me but redesigned hatch the glass part of it no longer opens and it has complete key less integration like the chargers and 2013 ram 1500 but i do like the redesign digital and customizable interior gauges for just about every little thing.

  • Tammy

    Waiting to see the price tag and if the diesel will be available for better mileage at our house right now!

  • Angie

    Do they have 3rd row seating? Do any Jeep’s

    • Garrett

      Grand cherokees do not, the new wangoneer coming out in the next year or so will.

  • Ronald Walker

    Glad the jeep is back

  • Diane

    I just ordered my Jeep can’t wait to get it

  • Jim

    I’d buy one ASAP, if they came with stick shift!!!

  • steve

    my wife and i are both jeep owners, my wife’s 03 grand, mine
    is a 98 cherokee, i like the new gc, but the cherokee not so much, something about the front end just is’nt working

  • Garrett

    Almost jeep….as a proud owner of three Grand Cherokees, I am still waiting for a GC worthy of replacing my 2004 overland. I actually use my jeep for what it was built for; camping, beach fishing, moving stuff, and it still cleans it up nicely to take out clients in comfort and style. You finally gave us a diesel and 8 speed along with better mileage! Thank you! I like the new interior colors and the 8.4 inch screen. However, that shifter does not fit the look of this vehicle. I am happy you got rid of the chrome strip between the rear tail lights. But those chrysler 300 headlights? why?They look horrible and the plastic filler pieces look very cheap, especially on a 50k+ vehicle. I think a larger headlight assembly, like those found on the current model with perhaps a rounded light with a halo effect, like those on the camaro, would give the front a high end, aggressive look. Aslo, 2 nice features I would like to see on the overland are massaging seats, for thse long trips home from the ski hill, and a 360 deg view cam for offroading. Lastly, please bring back the two piece liftgate!!! Do not get cheap!! It is a feature I use all the time!! After Hurrican sandy, I used my jeep to transport materials all around town to our destroyed houses, It was one of a few vehicles to survive on my block. I moved wood, copper tube, and pvc, all too long to fit inside and rested out the back of the lifted glass assembly, This is a very useful feature.

  • Andrea

    The digital dashboard is really in bad taste. It ‘a JEEP or a Korean car? Improve the quality of plastics instead of doing these stupid things!

  • Mike

    Just picked our new 2014 up yesterday. Awesome is all I can say. Quiet cant hardly tell that 8 speed is even shifting. Love the radio I can tell we are going to love this vehicle.

  • Bryan Swann

    Just wanted to tell you, that exterior design looks like crap. You can focus as much as you want on the interior, but what people are going to focus on more is the exterior. The HONDA CR-V, KIA Sportage, Hyundai Santa Fe look better (much better) than that. Come on, Jeep. Great interior, but….please, redo that exterior design.

  • Mike

    Disagree with the last post. We love the exterior over the others you mentioned. The only one above we liked was the Santa Fe and its interior was not as nice.

  • Carlos

    great car but I am from England and they have not got any information on the website. when is the information going to be avalible in the UK?

  • Ethan Bruce

    Wow! nice Jeep..
    I wish I have one

  • Marc

    I have been waiting with great anticipation for the 2014 Grand Cherokee diesel. I have finally accepted the fact that the diesel is not offered in the Laredo trim and requires a Limited model. What I have found most disappointing is that to get the diesel / 4 wheel drive configuration you must add on luxury group 2 package. An additional 3K option! There is nothing contained in this package that I want. Jeeps marketing people best rethink this decision. It appears Jeep has lost sight of those of us who do not require all the bells and whistles. I will delay my purchase for a year in hopes that Jeep regains its perspective.

  • Terri

    Please continue to offer the saddle brown interior for the2014 models. The only options I’m seeing now are black, almost-black, or practically white (frost). Not much variety. My husband and I both liked the saddle. It was a perfect mid-shade choice. I expect it was a unique and successful selling point for the GC line.

    We’ve been waiting anxiously to get a 2014 GC. We’ll continue to wait now and hope to see the saddle option (or something similar) return.

    • Ken

      I couldn’t agree more with comment #22 above. I wanted to buy a ’14 with the 8 speed transmission and the 8.4″ touchscreen – but the black and white interior options are just pathetic for a vehicle at this price point. Finally found a ’13 Summit with New Saddle and Mineral Grey combo. I came close to buying an X-5, which is sad for a 4 – generation (since 1984) Cherokee & Grand Cherokee owner. Bring back the New Saddle and give this vehicle the classier look it deserves.

  • Bill

    Just took delivery of the first 2014 JGC Overland Summit…. The options and updates are extraordinary! Thank you for putting in a better U-Connect system that is user friendly and easier to navigate! My only complaint – the color palette for interior does NOT include the distinctive Saddle Brown option and the nice Summit Logo that was stitched in the headrests are gone – replaced by very cheap stitching of the work “Summit” on the backrest! Not really a big fan of the velvet/suede pillars and headrest (this is NOT 1975)…. Exterior – I like the redesigned front and back ends! The 5.7L hemi is strong and attentive! The safety features are out of this world! I also like the new wheel and upgraded tires on the 2014’s!!!! All in all – I’m pleased with everything but the “yawwwwn” boring color of the interior! This will satisfy my Jeep cravings until they finally put into production the Jeep Gladiator! Really, what are you waiting for? Nobody wants to put an AEV conversion kit on their Wranglers! ~bp

  • Nikki

    We just went to look at Jeep GCs – I just want a basic black leather seats with silver trim and can only seem to find Black with the brown trim around the Instrument Panel. Is that all that the Limited editions have this year??

    • David

      Nikki I think the summit is the only model with black leather and silver/chrome trim. The overland does have a variation with silver/chrome trim with black blue and brown leather but not true black with silver/ chrome.. I ordered the summit 2 weeks ago and the dealer didn’t even have any idea. I found out through jeeps webpage… Fortunately for me that is what I wanted black with black and silver/chrome trim and I gambled. But I would have dealt reluctantly with copper accents. Here is the link to jeeps webpage where they show all the interior colors by model variant type..aka, limited, Laredo , overland, and summit. Good luck

  • Bill H

    I almost bought the 2013 just because of the new saddle, until I seen the 14s model. Wow and a diesel! I went on line to order till I seen they didn’t offer a new saddle interior model. For that price I think they should offer it with the new saddle. When they do I will be in line.

  • kathy G

    We are looking at the black jeep GC summitt and also disappointed that the saddle is not offered. Has anyone ever seen a black exterior with the new dark brown interior. The dealer has found one but would like to see or hear opinion before delivery. The black/black just seemed a little boring

  • Tom K

    Ordered a GC Limited with Luxury II, Adventure and Technology package. Seems to almost the same as an Overland but ~$2,500 cheaper. Had a difficult time determining the differences besides some minor cosmetic items. Am I missing something

  • Norman Baker

    Just took delivery of my 2014 Jeep GC, I have owned 7 GC since 1972, this 2014 is beautiful in every way, I love it!
    Just a couple of things, the Park sense is not loud enough, is there anyway I can turn up th volume? Also, I miss not being able to open the rear glass hatch. My doors close very hard, I hate having to slam them, can they be adjusted?
    Love the new 8 speed trans.

  • Jay

    This post is obviously written by someone that doesn’t sit in one everyday to compare it to previous jeep models that they of course they didn’t own either imo.

    The front forward cabin interior storage since 2003 has been reduced by over 50% closer to 75% percent in the current model. As well, other nifty features such as the dual rear hatch has been eliminated… Yep, you now have to open the entire rear to toss in your ice scraper and we all know how dangerous the rear hatch can be in the winter right? Such a stupid move by the designers.

    Where is the “S” in SUV when they relocate the sporty hand brake to the “Grandpa” floor pedal position? They might as well have completely removed it as it’s totally useless down there unless you live in Pennsylvania?

    The Useful Fat Grab bars (A-Pillar) are gone and replaced with the vintage tacky looking handles above the door on ceiling. Here again, the designers failed to realize that peoples hands don’t flow that way when trying to lift into the vehicle. Unless you are trying to do “Pull Ups” to shed a few pounds??? Poor execution is all I can say.

    Cup holders in the rear armrest? What do you do when there is a 5th passenger, ask McDonald’s for a cup holder cause you don’t have one open in the rear? Again, another perfect example of a absent minded designer. I don’t know about you, but my cup holders get dirty and filthy quick with debri and liquids. That’s the last thing I want in my seat when the armrest is folded away by a 5 year old riding in the back. Imagine the smell of rotten milk, NASTY!

    I love Jeep Grand Cherokee and I can go on and on about the thoughtless 2014 interior design flaws all day long. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new look, but in all honesty, the new look should have not affected the existing useful or revamped features.

  • Norman Baker

    What happened to the coat hangers in the back? Pick up my Dry Cleaning and no place to hang them.
    Wish the GC had Grab Bars for the front passengers, to get in and out easyer. Love the new no cap fueler.
    I’ve owned two MB M Class, this jeep has it all over MB and much less $. My 2014 Limited does not have rain sense?
    The 2013 had it, Wish that the Park Sense was a little louder, can it be adjusted higher?
    Anyway, I Love my Jeep.

    • Jerry Jansen

      Norman, I just got my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and found that the clothes hanger for the rear seats are built into the grab bars. You can pull them down and then hang your clothes on them.

  • Gazoo racing

    Just got delivery of a 2014 GC SRT. The vehicle is simply AWESOME….just wish the ALL SEASON Pirelli tires it came with were instead HIGH PERFORMANCE SUMMER tires. a vehicle this fast and agile needs better contact with the road.

  • Alreen

    Just picked up my 2014 laredo and it sounds like I am in a bath tub when braking or accelerating. While doing the demo the radio was on so we could not hear the sound.
    When driving home I received a phone call and it lowered the music so I was able to hear the sound. My husband crawled under the car and pulled out the plug it had about 2 gallons of water in it. It is a flaw the rain water is getting in somehow. The driver side is still sloching water have to take it back tomorrow!

    Also the compartment for the ipod cord has no light therefore cannot see where the plug is. I leave to work in the dark.

    Lost the center console area replaced with cd player. Not easy to open and place cd while driving. No space to keep things I need handy.

    I an unhappy with the design of this model.

  • I know Jeeps better than Jeep

    exterior colors are horrible, so bland its crazy. Why did you get ride of the saddle leather on 2014?? Luxury group with the diesel, come on that’s stupid no one is going to spend $8000 over a hemi (the luxury group package is a joke anyways). NO V8 offered in the laradeo? I’m pretty sure that’s a jeep first and I am highly offended. I own every generation GC (5.9 limited might be the best one Jeep made) but I am having a hard time pulling the trigger on this one because I am pretty sure its built for stay at home moms who want to look cool driving to the grocery store instead of, you know, actual Jeep things. PS your dealers do you know favors all they have is loaded GC with the V6 when most jeep guys want the low end model with the V8. How could I spend $50K on a Jeep with 6 cylinder and take it off road, I would have to be out of my mind.

  • Karen

    Can anyone answer this question – for the 2014 GC Limited, if you want the Advanced Technology Group option, do you also have to get the Luxury Group 2 option? If so, why are they lumped together?

  • Signia Turn Key

    This car is too luxurious and comfortable.The interior design of this car is just awesome.It’s such a nice car.
    Signia Turn Key

  • Tom

    I’ve been trying to buy a summit for over a year but you keep raising the MSRP keeping it just out of my reach :-(