A History of the Jeep® Comanche (1986-92)


Next in our series of looking back at all the models we’ve made in the past 70 years is the Jeep® Comanche, a straightforward compact pickup truck from the ‘80s, based on the tremendously popular Cherokee SUV’s platform.


The Comanche, also known as the MJ, stood out among other pickups because of its Cherokee-based unibody chassis.  It was available with either a six or a seven-foot cargo box, depending on year and trim.  Like the Jeep pickups before it (particularly the long-running Gladiator / J-Series), the Comanche was designed to be a sporty truck, but was very capable of hauling cargo and equipped with optional four-wheel-drive (later models offered Selec-Trac® or Command-Trac® systems).  In 1987, just one year after its introduction, we introduced the famous 4.0L six-cylinder engine and improved the base four-banger.


The Comanche was phased out in 1992, thus marking the end of the Jeep pickup truck line started in 1947.  That said, we debuted a pickup truck concept in 2004, and it’s safe to say we have a few tricks up our sleeve for the future.


  • Jeff

    I drive an 1988 comanche every day I love it. It has been one of the best vehicles I have ever bought

  • http://afa j

    Never should’ve stopped making these… Don’t understand the logic at the Jeep headquarters cancelling these and the Cherokee’s…

  • http://www.comancheclub.com Rob

    Jeep! Please contact me! Some of the stuff listed in the heritage timeline referencing the Comanche has been wrong for some time! Almost a year! I have been emailing every once and awhile, even been to the WP Chrysler… No one can help! Show some pride in your history and get it right!

  • Doug

    My ’87 Jeep Comanhe is still Running Fine .. Dallas Cowboy Blue with 5 Point Star Wheels, with Black interior with Factory Bucket Seats … !!!!  I Bought her new in 1987 , Sport Truck Striping    !!!! Just maintain it … Originginal 4 Cylinder AMC Engine   …..  5 speed Command trac ……Standard ..  4 X 4 …..

  • Josh

    My ’88 Comanche fulfilled its original 7 year dealers warranty more than three times over before any major repairs were needed. With the original AMC 150 CID I4 and the original Aisin AX-4 4 speed manual I still get 27 mpg hwy. I bought her used in ’09 off a Marine Corps buddy of mine (not a coincidence – every owner from the original dealer to myself was a Marine.) I’ve spent the last 3 years rebuilding and restoring her to her former glory. I used to wish Jeep would make a new version but now I see they don’t need to, as this one is perfect.

  • Rich O’Donnell

    I had a 1990 Comanche Eliminator that the north-east road salt finally killed after 15 years and 224,000 miles. The engine still runs like a top but the bed, brake lines and passenger floor are rotting away. I wish Jeep would make another one,.., as long as it does NOT look like the 2014 Cherokee!

  • Ken

    We have a 86 Comanche that the previous owner basically misused and abused, were changing the engine now. But I have a question, the truck is a 5 speed MANUAL TRANSMISSION, and it will start in any gear, I have looked everywhere on the truck and online but I can’t find and official documentation on it not being equipped with a clutch switch, can you guys help please? I have even contacted Jeep in Michigan

  • Red

    Still driving my 88 MJ,only thing I have changed is the transmission and other normal service related parts. Love my MJ.