Vintage Photo | 1968 Jeepster Commando

A Jeep® brand vehicle enthusiast’s version of going “Commando” is a little bit different than everyone else’s.


The Jeepster Commando (also known as the C101) was sold from 1966 to 1971.Four different models were available, making the Commando a jack-of-all-trades. Customers had the choice between a wagon (pictured above), convertible, roadster, and a pickup truck. Whether one was in the market for something sporty, functional, or – let’s be honest – both, the Commando was a great vehicle.


The Commando ran on the powerful F4-134 Hurricane, an inline-4 piston engine. The vehicle had the rugged capability to match its classic Jeep styling (who doesn’t smile at the sight of that classic grill?). With more cargo and passenger space (a pickup bed or larger rear area, depending on your model of choice) it also made for a great hauler.


As the precursor to the Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Jeepster Commando holds a special place in Jeep history. For more Jeep heritage, visit and check out the Jeep Blog heritage archive.


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  1. Name (required)

    I wish that Jeep would bring back the Grand Wagoneer ! !

    • Howard

      I own a 1990 Grand Wagoneer:) wouldnt trade it for the world:)

  2. Joyce

    That is a beauty!! My Wrangler was totaled in an accident and I bought something else that I could afford at the time. Big mistake! I am now going to trade it in for the jeep that I SHOULD be driving. But, if I could find one of these, Id be all set. 🙂

  3. I love the cars seen in ads with the convertible roof(this white one looks 1940esq,huh)…..keep the ads coming! The one looking down from that mighty boulder yesterday…..need some fresh air like that!

  4. This white one,(come to think of it )reminds me of a little white matchbox ambulance I loved as a little!

  5. Sam H.

    To the first response, Jeep is actually formulating a concept for a new Grand Wagoneer.  We may see them as early as this time next year.  Not certain on the time frame yet but I know it is in the works.

  6. Thomas Bonifacio

    Back when Jeep’s were Jeeps, although I have to say…My 95 Cherokee SE, 2D, 2WD has proven itself to me. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned IN MY LIFE.

    • Joan S

      I agree with Thomas, my 1996 Jeep Classic is still my favorite car and I’ve had cars since 1963. I keep putting money in to keep her pretty as well as functional. I need to get the headliner replaced. Heat has take its tole and she needs that done but in general she wonderful.

  7. Josh L.

    have u guys seen the “Mighty FC” concept?  if u like this one, u will love it!

  8. Cynthia Tallant

    I love Jeeps!  I have a Jeep Libery and a Jeep Wrangler.  My son has a Jeep Sahara and they all are parked in my driveway.  My twins are 15 and already looking around for Jeeps for when they turn 16. I wonder how my driveway will look with 5 Jeeps lined up from end to end…….lol

  9. Debbie D.

    Just traded in our 95 Jeep Cherokee. It was a great vehicle…over 200,000mi. Still miss it, but have a new Jeep Patriot and love it so far!

    • Brian W

      I still have my ’95 JE Gr Cherokee 4×4 with a straight 6.  It use to be a JEEP but it lost an “EP” to “Cancer of the Hood.” 
      Only 364K on it, 271K by me.

  10. John & Patricia Crump

    My 1967 Commando was purchased used in 1970. Both kids grew up in the back seat as we bumped and rocked & rolled over trails in Colo & Utah. Since 1991, the Commando has tackled trails such as Rubicon, Tellico, lots others on the map in between those 2, as well as British Columbia & Ontario. We had it on an outing a couple of months ago here in Colorado. It isn’t as pretty as it once was, but the original engine still runs great. We don’t plan to get rid of it….ever.

  11. David Eckels

    Bringing back vehicles that were classics makes sense- just update them enough to take us into the future.

  12. Sara Foehner

    Type your comment here…LOVE JEEPSTERS!! Used to own one–have missed it for years…WANT TO WIN ANOTHER!!

  13. Lee Ann

    I am a Jeep nut! Had one for 8 yrs, a ’96 Jeep GR Cherokee. I felt a mini van would be better for my young child and elderly mother, but now I am very unhappy. =( I want a Jeep again! It’s all I have ever owner, all I want now. Hope to get my credit back up enough to trade this van in and get a Jeep again. I see them all over the road and makes me want to cry!

  14. Renee Denner

    I’m still running on a 1993 Jeep Wrangler. It’s been all over. 3 day trip from CT to FL. Blue Mountains in N.C on the way. I love it. It’s def time for a new one, but have to wait for a new job. LOL.

  15. Jesse D.

    I saw one at a car show. It was burgundy, and had a V8, as on fire.the original engine apparently caught on fire. It needed work.

  16. I am a fairley new jeep owner I have a 95 Grand Cherokee laredo with 264,000 miles I bought her for 300.00 and have been slowly  fixing it upas soon as I replace the ball joints I will have rebuilt the front end,i’ve put around 17.00 into her but I love my Jeep!this one in the pic looks soo neat almost like the one I have always wanted, there is only one thing I don’t like about my Jeep is the gas milage i’m getting anywhere from 8  – 12mph citynot good at all

  17. david smitsky

    My dad had a 68 Jeepster Commando with a 6 cylinder in it. He bought it back in the 80’s for $100….. Wish we still had it ! It was greenish blue with a white top.

  18. Sharon Johnson

    TI have a Jeeep commando 2007 so love it !!!!!ype your comment here…

  19. justin

    We have a ’69 commando with the 225 Dauntless. One of the best jeeps ever made. Yet to see a hill that thing will not climb.

  20. When I was in college in Albuquerque, NM I picked up so much pu$$y with my yellow ’68 Jeepster Commando!

    I blew the rear-end out twice cause of the little gear splines in that 3-speed tranny.  I ended up getting rid of it for $500 (biggest mistake EVER!)

    Wish I had her back, but she’s been replaced with an ’05 Rubicon so I can still jeep in the hills.

  21. Why didn’t I think of this when I was planning my wedding and looking for transportation?


  22. Will Dochertaigh

    My first Jeep was a ’68 Jeepster. AfteR all these years and many jeeps later i still fondly remember the off-roading I enjoyed with that Commando!

    Dochertaigh – a four person, four jeep household!

  23. Bob Brown

    I have a 1968 commando 6Cyl , 4 w drive, auto.  I would enjoy any ones positive input.   My commando is teal blue runs great ; however I am looking for a vintage radio.  yours sounds like a fun drive.  Type your comment here…

  24. Stephen Legette

    I had 4 CJs two 76s one 79,the fourth was a mix of 76 body,79 trans & differentails,80 seats and a 1970 401 AMX motor(450 hp).Man would that go,of course we didn’t have all the goodies that are availible now for the Jeeps & other 4WDs.I LOVED my old CJs ,plan on restoring another real soon too.

  25. Mike Adams

    I remember my dad buying his 1968 commando with the six cylinder from a guy for $500, white & bone stock. A 3″ lift & 35″ tires later we were at the mud drags every other weekend. My uncle bought his 1969 commando shortly after and they were the best two jeeps out there. miss those jeeps would love to have another!

  26. Hi, I have a 1968 Jeepster Commando pickup, copper, restored with much to much to list. I would like to sell it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have looked around but haven’t been successful in locating a good market to sell it. I can be reached at 908-892-2330. Thanks, Doug


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