A History of the 1947-1964 Willys-Overland Pickup

We have a long history of building go-anywhere pickup trucks, and while you may best remember our Jeep® Comanche built between 1986 and 1992, we got started long before that model hit the streets. In 1947, Willys-Overland debuted its Willys pickup truck that served up everything that a farmer or laborer could want without much else. Buyers could have their truck with a pickup bed or a stake bed, or they could even take home a bare chassis if they liked depending on their needs.

The Willys pickup was available in either two-wheel or four-wheel drive. Over the course of its long run, multiple engines and transmissions showed up on the order sheet, though the vehicle’s design changed very little from the time that it arrived until it was phased out in 1967. With as often as we change vehicle generations, it’s hard to fathom a single model soldiering on for 17 years.

We’re digging through our archives for our 70th anniversary celebration, and more posts are on the way. Stay tuned.

4 Responses to “A History of the 1947-1964 Willys-Overland Pickup”

  1. Ben M

    What a great looking truck.   Are you going to build a new one of these for us anytime soon?  😉
    -Ben M

  2. Scooter

    “We have a long history of building go-anywhere pickup trucks,”

    Don’t you mean…..
    “We had a long history of building go-anywhere pickup trucks,   ??

  3. Old jeeps rule the new ones wellllllll if pavement interestes U than wellllllll OK. I own a 1978 CJ5 and just looked at a 1964 pk and wanted to take it home. I have driven the new jeeps off road and welllllllll I don’t like cars sooooooo IF YOU ARE THINKING OF OFFERING A NEW PK LOOK AT THE GO ANYWERE PICK-UPS OF THE PAST FOR A CLUE.  Feel free to consult me for advise on what a pk should be.

  4. Lol jeep might as well admit it you have lost the meaning of jeep general purpose drive anywhere. My 89 Comanche will do it my 97 Cherokee will do it and even the 90’s grand Cherokee s will do it BTW that’s what my wife drives. Now jeeps look round and soft no option in the middle like xj no truck just teasing us with concept s. What happened…….oh wait I know!!!! Chrysler go jump in front of a dodge!


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