Vintage Photo | 1982 Jeep® Scrambler Sport

With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, it’s high time to get the summer started. When Jeep Blog came across this summery vintage photograph of a 1982 Jeep® Scrambler Sport towing a boat, we decided to take another look at an under-appreciated gem.


The Scrambler, known internally as the CJ-8, was introduced in 1981 and only manufactured for four years. The mini-pickup segment was picking up steam in the American market in the 80’s. In response, the Scrambler was built to combine the capability and fun of the CJ-7 with the added cargo hauling utility of a pickup bed. It had a longer wheelbase than the CJ-7, which helped the vehicle’s weight distribution for a smooth ride.


Today, Jeep brand enthusiasts recognize the Scrambler as somewhat of a classic. For Jeep’s 70th Anniversary, Jeep Blog dished out some Jeep Scrambler history and a classic Scrambler ad.

38 Responses to “Vintage Photo | 1982 Jeep® Scrambler Sport”

  1. Randy Russell

    Wish Jeep would build a more up to date version i loved Scrambler i would be one of the 1st ones to buy one.

  2. Tom Jones

    I love my JK-8 but I would love to see the Scrambler make a come back.

  3. Sabrina

    We have a 1987 four door XJ, a 1995 YJ with a 3 inch jack, and a 1990 YJ, also with a 3 inch jack that we are customizing to look just like the Scrambler. It should be done in another month. We are doing the entire project ourselves in a corner of one of our aircraft Hangers.

    • Mike Hunt

      you gotta be kidding, right? the scrambler is a very sexy rig!

    • Stephen

      Opinions. People have them. I agree, the Scrambler is ugly . And no, not a Patriot. 1979 CJ-7.

  4. J Randall

    I love my 1982 Jeep Scrambler. She’s not the same anymore. From the ground up Make Over. Lifted for 37’s, small block 350 chevy. Sure, she’s a cross over, but I love her.
    Thanks for the original picture.

  5. Robert

    Its far from underappreciated. Many of us still love the Scrambler. My father and i have been on the lookout for one for each of us for many years now. Good luck finding one for less than 10k that’s not a rusted hulk. The JK8 and NuKaiser are nice pieces, but who can afford to buy a JK Unlimited and then pay the price for the kit? Sadly i can not.

    • Sabrina

      Neither can we, so we are stretching a YJ, putting the CJ hood and grill on it, and building the hardtop out of fiberglass.
      We paid 6,000 for the YJ back in 98, put 40,000 miles on it, and are now stretching it into a close replica of the Scrambler now that we have a 95 Yj to play with while the two of us are building up this one. When we are done, we will have 8,000 including the original cost of the YJ into the recreation of a Scrambler. If you are handy with tools, you guys can do it, give it a try!!
      I drove my 1st Jeep in the Army, and have had then ever since. My dream Jeep? a totally restored M151 in Army colors!!!!

  6. I miss my 81 that had now drive a 2005 unlimited but not the same as a Scrambler

  7. I’ve been fortunate to own not 1 but 2 Scramblers. I had an 81 that I sold to a friend of mine and now have an 83. They are my favorite out of all the cj’s ever made. I love em!

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  8. With the muscle car revival that is happening right now, jeep should come out with a throwback edition CJ.  They could take some styling cues from yesteryear, with today’s technology.  Wishful thinking from a long time jeeper!  Remember Go Topless day tomorrow and celebrate the Jeep heritage!

  9. chris

    Owned two fully restored, always looking for a third! 🙂

  10. aaron

    jeep needs to bring this back and cancel the compass and patriot. use less plastic on the jk

  11. jay man

    the scrambler ugly????!?!? apparently you know nothing of jeep…..

  12. Chris

    anyone looking for a scrambler, there is one for sale in bartlesville, oklahoma on the side of the highway. i think he’s asking $8K. looks stock. sorry, no phone number.

  13. Glenn

    HELLO JEEP Why not dig out the old stamping molds and start making them again with all the new technology but priced out of site for the middle class to buy if they want to also.

    • Glenn


  14. Carol

    I love my 82 Scrambler.  Its rough, but its tough and tons of fun.

  15. The Scrambler above is not a “sport”, it is a Laredo. There were 3 trim levels of Scramblers offered; Base, Renegade (SR) and Laredo (SL). All the Scrambler info you ever wanted to know at

  16. Jerry Ash

    Type your comment here…I also had two of these great Jeeps. ’81 and an ’82. Of course I wish I still had them both.

  17. Jerry Ash

    I also had two of these great Jeeps. ’81 and an ’82. Of course I wish I still had them both.

  18. still have my 83 in the backyard in az my kids are on me to res erect it. i drove it from 87-95 the most fun i ever had.

  19. I use to own a 1978 CJ5 levi straus edition with the inline 258 motor, was a GREAT little vehicle at the same time I also owned the 1979 CJ 7 hard top it had the chrysler 360 motor, I love both of them but got around a whole lot better in the 78 CJ5 because of the motor…even with slick tires it never spun out….

  20. It took me 30 years to get a CJ-7. Ive owned Suburbans Ive even owned a 1991 K-5 Jimmy. These were all very nice vehicles. You people that call this vehicle ugly are sadly out of touch of what a high quality vehicle really is. My jeep is 31 years old and after I ve completly restored it. I belive it will be around long after the Liberty has gone to scrap yard.

  21. Steve Job

    All I gotta do is take the backseat out of my Rubicon and Viola.

    • I have a back seat and no plastic parts on my 1983 CJ-7. It has a 258 and 33″ tires on it and get better fuel economy than a friend of mine who’s got a 2011 Rubicon.They’re nice but cant take a beating?

  22. I’ve been lucky enough to own 2 Scramblers…I ended up selling both of them, and regretted it ever since. I plan on getting another one someday. For now I have the Scrambler’s Grandson…..the JK8

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