Jeep® Heritage | 1965 Jeep J-2000 and J-3000 Truck

 Each Friday on the Jeep® Blog, we explore the Jeep brand’s iconic heritage by highlighting a different historical vehicle. This week’s vehicles are the 1965 Jeep J-2000 and J-3000 trucks.


In 1965, the Jeep J-Series Trucks, better known as Jeep Gladiators, elevated to the next level – in name, performance, capability, and looks. The J-200 and J-300 trucks became known as the J-2000 and J-3000 trucks, featuring a 120-inch wheelbase and 126-inch wheelbase, respectively. Available in two- or four-wheel drive, a new option engine was available.


Joining the standard Jeep Hi-Torque 6 engine was the AMC 327 cu. In. V8 engine, renamed the Jeep “Vigilante” V8, capable of producing 250 hp. With an improved 4WD shift system and the Turbo-Hydra-Matic® automatic transmission, the truck was more powerful and capable than ever. It was versatile, too – whether used as a stock vehicle or upfitted (like the J-3000 tow truck above), the 1965 Jeep trucks were ready for anything.



Oh, and we did say the looks improved, too. As the vibrant red in the top photo might indicate, new paint (and trim) options solidified the J-2000 and J-3000 trucks as all-around vehicles, true to the Go Anywhere, Do Anything™ ethos carried on throughout the Jeep brand’s history.


Stay tuned to the Jeep Blog for more Heritage Fridays, as we continue to look at the memorable Jeep vehicles of the 1960s.

4 Responses to “Jeep® Heritage | 1965 Jeep J-2000 and J-3000 Truck”

  1. Stephanie

    Bring this truck back, and I might just get one. Or I might get a restored one.

  2. Pj Stanley

    Jeep had a hell of a drivetrain and frame, if they just would have spent a little @1980 as this truck was growing very old as basically the same truck u see here in the pic, they might just have made it…


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