From the Archives | 1956 Willys Jeep® FC-150 Pick-Up

1956 Willys Jeep® FC-150 Pick-Up

Speaking of the Arctic… December has arrived, and if the snow isn’t flying already in your neighborhood, it’s sure to soon. Don’t you wish you had a Jeep® Forward Control truck to get you through the workday? This 1956 4×4 truck was designed by Brooks Stevens with a full-size cab over the engine to give plenty of room in the back, making it versatile and easy to modify into an airport service truck, delivery truck, wrecker, dump truck, fire truck, or other utility vehicle. The engineering was based on the existing CJ-5 frame and wheelbase, and the vehicle was powered by the Hurricane F-head and L-head 4-cylinder engine. Imagine the possibilities – just hook up a snowplow and get to work.


  • spanky

    Type your comment here…they need to bring this back it would be a big hit

  • tommy

    wow that is old.. but i could use something awesome like that in the winter.. and its pretty cool lookin.. i love old cars

  • Hank

    Wish they would bring back the truck, would like to have one!


    In VENEZUELA I knew two Jeep Willys FC-150, one with short chassis in Guanare city and other with long chassis in Maracay city… Last time that I saw them both rolling was around 1983.

  • Stephen

    they need to bring back the comanche.  or make the J8 jk truck right from the factory.  so we dont have to chop a 2012 jk in half.. give us what we want and make it a base price of about 30k and a rubicon at around 40k max

  • JL

    What they expect to rebuild this type of vehicle! I want one for Christmas!!!

  • Maury

    I knew a guy who had two of these with snow plows. They were perfect, short turning radius, solid drive drain (except clutch) and excellent viability when working with snow plow. Nobody makes anything half as good these days!

  • Terry Marincic

    Type your cHad a ’62 Willys pick-up with an 8 inch lift and 33 inch gumbo mudders. Looked like a Tonka truck and was a blast to drive. Always wanted an FC-150 but couldn’t find a decent one.omment here…

  • Larry Kilgore

    Kinda ugly but somehow very cool.  Looks like it might fall on its nose if you stopped too fast…..

  • Kevin

    I love the style of this classic Jeep

  • Donald Wall

    I rode in one of those with my uncle. We use that to get back in the wilderness for church camp. It was awesome. If they were still making those I would get one myself.

  • Scott Riggs

    I’m a Jeep salesman and I could sell that little truck no problem.

  • Ron

    Oh, please make this model again, or the Scrambler, or the Honcho. How about putting the Gladiator into production? We need a Jeep truck.


    Yes, the market want a grand Jeep new pickup, it should be as large and powerful as the Dodge RAM but with the Jeep’s spirit… The Wagoneer could also be a spectacular return, but it will be like the last Commander but longer and stronger (WITH CHASSIS).

  • Moose

    Ugly enough to love, but the FC-150s had to have weights attached to the back to keep them from tipping on their noses on steep downhills.  I’d still own one in a heartbeat.

  • Lance

    nope. Don’t like it. Looks like half a scooby van.

  • Henry

    I own two fc 150s I am gojng to take both and make a real nice one what I have left over I will sell on ebay one has a title one does not

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    Most of the comments on this particular blog page dont make sense.