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What does “Freedom of the Open Road” mean to you? Tell us your answer in the comments section of this post and you could win a $500 REI® gift card and have your response featured on the Jeep® Blog.


Does “Freedom of the Open Road” mean navigating the ultimate off-road trail or taking the top off your Jeep® Wrangler and cruising through the city on a sunny summer day? Maybe “Freedom of the Open Road” means exercising the liberty and independence that our forefathers – and current servicemen – fought to secure for America.  Whatever it means to you, tell us below and you could win!



–  Three contest winners will be chosen by contest judges to receive:

  • A $500 REI® gift card.
  • Recognition and a feature on the Jeep Blog.

–  30 responders will be randomly chosen to receive a $25 iTunes gift card.


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1,191 Responses to “Freedom of the Open Road | Comment and Win”

  1. Cheryl Durham

    If I am over here and I want to go over there, no matter what is between us, my Jeep WILL get me there – no doubt!

  2. Anastasia Moore

    Let’s jump in the jeep, and head for the beach, for fun in the sun!

  3. Glenn Futrell

    Jeep has always been part of my “Freedom of the Open Road” experience. Starting with my Dad’s ’78 CJ-5, that he taught me to drive in on the farm roads and back roads North Carolina. Then my own ’79 Wagoneer carried around the Arizona desert and highways. A ’89 Cherokee would be my ride to the top of ore than one New Mexico mountains. I owned a ’10 Wrangler Unlimited RHD for a few months. That Jeep saved my life in a head-on collision on an Italian highway. Today, it is a ’11 Wrangler “Oscar Mike” edition that has carried be from Italy to Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Switzerland. On road or off, Jeeps have taken me where I want to go, to do want I want to do for nearly 30 years.

  4. Michael

    Freedom to me is enjoying my kids, I was in my jeep liberty and a drunk driver smacked me through the stop light, I lost my job, my credit and I didn’t lose my freedom, the liberty took most of the impact and saved my life, so freedom and liberty mean something to me now more deeply than ever even in these thought times and a foreclosure so thanks liberty I miss you, you saved my life

  5. Beep, Beep I Love Jeep. I love the look the smell the wheels the inside the outside and upside down. I guess you finally got it I Just Love Jeeps!!!!!

  6. davenorth

    freedom on the road will be when you cut me a check to buy an electric car as the junk Diesel liberty has been sitting at your dealership since new years eve – last year ,i’m filing charges with nat’l safety and Md attorney general next – and so on this game playing stops – if i have to take off work to testify with my senators over safety and bad product i’ll gladly give up my vacation  for it .. Cause i can’t go anywhere after wasting $30,000.00+ on your piece of junk …..

  7. Freedom of the open road means…packing up my Jeep on a Thursday night and beating the traffic up I75 going north in Michigan…As a Michigander and one purposed to camp out of the back end of my Jeep, I know leaving on Thursday will get me a prime rustic camping spot in one of my favorite campgrounds in Michigan. I load my Jeep up with a tent, chair, cooler and life’s simple essentials and know the road that awaits me just past Saginaw/Bay City will be filled with pine trees, cooler air and the freedom of listening to my radio and the fun of being able to manage any road that lies ahead…The sandy ones near sleeping bear dunes are my favorite…

  8. Colleen Anning

    Type your comment here…Freedom of the open road is driving down a dirt road with the door and top of my  2010 Jeep Wrangler off, hearing the crickets chirp, seeing the wildlife and clear blue sky, and noticing things that I never would in a conventional vehicle.  My jeep takes me back to nature and brings me peace!       OlllO

  9. Julie Westbrook

    Freedom of the open road is leaving behind everything that defines, confines, and tries to realign you. Forging ahead into the great unknown without worry or fear or anxiety, but rather with courage drawn from the roar of the engine, the hot wind racing across your skin, and the cloud of dust trailing behind you. Taking roads few have traveled and seeing views few have beheld. It’s beyond the road, it’s the freedom of the Jeep!

  10. Freedom of the open road is when you are tierd of all those lines and dots on the road those stops and light and you just want to go straight without stopping jumping obstacles nothing in front of you that can stop you no mountains or rocks just get in your jeep and go off-road

  11. Freedom of the open road…means you can go anywhere and do anything in your ride!American made and American Pride…Jeep ON!

  12. Freedom of the open road isn’t just about the open air; it’s about the pure anticipation of listening to his engine rev, the sound of the suspension crawl over anything I put in front of my Jeep, the noise of tires splashing through muddy water, and the looks of everyone around when a curb dividing parking lots means nothing to us.

    Freedom and Jeep, to me, are about the goosebumps that creep over my arms when clutch in: shift: gas: clutch out: gas flow seamlessly together and oil pumps through his engine like blood through my veins.

    Freedom with a Jeep is about more than rock crawling or sailing down the open highway.

    Freedom is about knowing you have a best friend. Your Jeep is there as a shoulder to cry on, a friend to tailgate with, and an adventure-addicted partner in crime.

    Jeep and freedom mean many things to many people, but one thing we can all agree on, no matter where your Jeep takes you, is that Jeep is not just freedom, it’s love.

  13. yeomandroid

    Freedom of the Open Road is being able to go where no other vehicles can go. To configure your Jeep however you want it. No doors, check! No windshield, check! No top cover, check! The ability to traverse over rock, sand, mud, snow, logs, and ford deep creeks and raging rivers. This is more than heaven, it is freedom.

  14. Four years ago, I went to the Grand Canyon in June. A very hot day and around 9pm driving out of the Canyon…an 900lb elk decided to jump in front of my soft top wrangler jeep.
    My son and then husband survived. The police had said that if the elk had jumped another couple inches..well, you can figure the results on that one.
    I have always felt safe in my jeep. I now own a 2006 Rubicon Wrangler, thanks to the elk.
    Turns out the mating season is June.
    Next time I visit the Canyon, it will be NOT in the month of June.

  15. Freedom to fit. At six foot four there aren’t many 30mpg vehicles that fit me. Loved my Wrangler YJ and now my new Patriot.
    Today when going to the airport to pick up our tall son and his wife we again will use the space of our new red Patriot.

  16. Steve Balicki

    JEEP… When you are drive/driving in a it is always an adventure and just FUN……..
    JEEP + YOU = FUN !


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