Touring the Jeep® Wrangler Assembly Facility in Toledo, Ohio

Jeep® Wranglers are exported to over 90 countries across the globe, and each vehicle starts in Ohio at the Toledo South Assembly Plant. The plant employs 2,500 workers, and produces 360 Wranglers per shift, 720 a day, 6 days a week. “We’re at maximum capacity,” said Diego, plant quality specialist. “Not many people can say, ‘hey, I’ve got a problem, I can’t build enough cars.’”


Diego was quick to point out the perfect symbiosis between mechanized production and human workers on the line. “Like in the windshield,” he said. “The craftsmanship of a windshield – a machine just can’t do, so we do it by hand. On the other hand, the urethane ON the windshield can’t be duplicated by a human, so that step is done by machine.”


Either way, it’s looking good to us. To view more photos from the Toledo South Assembly Plant, like this Trail Rated® 3-wheel drive parts conveyor, visit



34 Responses to “Touring the Jeep® Wrangler Assembly Facility in Toledo, Ohio”

  1. Well I have to say; driving my Jeep Wrangler (“Tiger Lil”) out on to Stover’s Point Beach in Maine on the Vernal Equinox in 75 degree weather was a pleasure….. THANKS TO YOU!!!! Who ever built my “Dozer” orange Jeep Wrangler….. THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. Being from the Toledo near the plant, this is a great thing to here. Toledo has taken it hard with the downturned economy, but making a monumental comeback!

  3. Melissa

    I purchased my 2011 Jeep Wrangler in August 2011….wanted a Wrangler since FOREVER!!! I have had problems since I got it.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Wranglers.  I just dont know where to go anymore with the problem as the manager at the dealership that I bought my Jeep never returned my call after I told him that the problem wasnt fixed and Im told by Chrysler Corp. that I can go to any authorized Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Dealership and other dealerships dont want to deal with it.  I need help with this. 🙁

    • Melissa,
      Without a doubt, dealers can be jerks and that is unfortunate, however, being a Jeep owners means you are part of the greatest community of fellow Jeep owners who can and will assist you at every turn. It may sound far fetched, but I urge you to join an online forum, one of a few I’m a member of, which is 66,000+ members strong and post about your problem, I guarantee someone will help, you may have many people in your neck of the woods who are also members and have advice on nearby dealers who WILL assist you.

    • David C

      What is the problem that your having Melissa?

  4. Edwin Shoemate

    My Jeep Wrangler continues to leak, and none of your dealers can fix it.

    I was lied to by the dealer that I bought it from. They told me that Illinois had no lemon law (not true, but I found that out after my mileage was to high) I have had the JEEP for less then one year, and your dealers have had the JEEP for over 30 days for repairs. Your dealer also told me that JEEP never offered incentives on their Wranglers. Two weeks after we purchased our JEEP, incentives on JEEPS were out.

    Have contacted your customer service, they sent me to another dealer for repairs. They had it for ten days, passenger floorboard still gets wet when it rains. I have discovered mold in my floor mats. Have talked with her supervisor, but for some reason I have not heard from a Regional Rep. it has been over two weeks since I requested that they call me.

    Interesting piece your chairman did with 60-Minutes this past month…maybe I would get some attention if I called them for a follow up story!!! Nice return on my tax money that was given to your company.

  5. Russ Stodieck

    Ordered my new 2012 Jeep Wrangler March 23rd.  Supposedly the jeep ship from Toledo on April 25th.  Was wondering if I could track the shipment online.  What transport companies does Jeep use to ship from Toledo to Dallas?

  6. sorry bout jeep is nomber one for life thank you for kippen going- one day am goin to own a new oneend all so i volive and god amen god bles u gys?

  7. Melissa

    Mine has a major leak.  Has been in to 2 different dealers 4X.  Twice they have tried to replace sealers in the door. Twice they said “cant find it”.  One of those times I drove away and literally called them back within ten minutes saying my floor is soaked. Had to bring it right back and they were able to see the soaked floor and under my seat. This happens either when it rains heavily or I take it through a car wash.  One dealer told me not to take it through a car wash and that I would have to wash it by hand.  What a resolution huh? The window and door is all messed up due to the fact that they were trying to fix the leak and now there is something wrong with the heater core! I’ve been dealing with Chrysler and am getting nowhere as well. This is very frustrating and disappointing.  All I wanted was a brand new vehicle to not have to worry about and that’s all I’ve been doing since 2 weeks after I got it. 

    • Robert

      just wondering, have they checked the drain valve where the heater core and ac blower are housed?  Not sure exactly what it would be called.  There should be a drain for the enclosure that the heater core is in that drains off the condensation that builds up while running the ac or heater/defrosters.  I had a vehicle that had this drain “spout” that runs through the firewall back into the engine compartment become clogged with dirt.  This then caused the condensation to build up until it overflowed the panlike enclosure that it is in and leaked all over the floorboard on the passenger side.  Check and see when you run your ac if any fluid drains out under your jeep.  Maybe this spout is kinked or non existent. 

  8. melissa

    Edwin, let me know if you would like to talk about this and I will post my email address.

  9. naaman

    DO THEY DO PUBLIC TOURS AT THE JEEP PLANTType your comment here…

    • They are actually doing a tour this weekend (June 16 in Toledo) but you have to know someone who works there. Its family only.

  10. Hey
    i live in IRAN …and  i love Jeep…but  we cant buy an original jeep.
    here we use old  cj5  named SAHRA with mitsubishi engins old desinged axles…
    enjoy your lifr with jeep

  11. Tom Stribula

    I have had 3 Wranglers,a 1998 Sport which I loved and drove as a Visiting Nurse throughout Ct, for 180,000 miles, then a 2003 Wrangler (4 cylinder) and now drive a 2008 X. It gets me everywhere and plows my 1/4 mile driveway with ease. The truth is everyone I met would like to own a jeep. There are lots of them on the road here in Ct. but they all still wave. I would love to take a tour of the factory some day…Buy American

  12. Just purchased a 2012 “Crush” wrangler sport and I love it! Thank you to everyone who designed and built this vehicle. The new v6 and 5 speed automatic are great improvements. I’m proud to own my jeep, especially because it was built right here in America.I have already started supporting the after market accessories!

  13. Just bought a 2012 Wrangler, I must say, that new Engine
    Is Pretty Peppy !! she will move out. I live in Vegas, so i plan
    on putting her to the Desert Test ! so far so good !

  14. When can we have the Diesel Wrangler? it’s been in Europe for years. And don’t tell me it’s the emissions because it isn’t. As soon as the Unlimited Rubicon is available with Diesel Power, I’ll buy one, but not until…

  15. Saw an article the other day that there may be plans to start building Jeeps in China instead of the US.  I sure hope that it isn’t a serious consideration.  The Jeep is an American icon, it was born in Butler, PA, as this article lists they start out in Toledo, OH now, and as a loyal Chrysler and repeat Wrangler owner that sincerely believes these are the best vehicles built, I have to tell you that it would make me start kicking the tires on other lots when I make my next purchase.  Other Jeep owners I know made the same comment after seeing the article yesterday.  An American icon needs to be made in America… period.

  16. I just had my 2013 Jeep ordered…. Can’t Wait to get it.
    Does anyone know how i might be able to contact someone at a factory? I would love to get a pic of my jeep as it is being built.

  17. Peter Bonfil

     I own a 2002 Wrangler,it has been great to drive and handles Australian conditions well,I live in Queensland there are a lot of Jeeps here,

  18. Imad Mohsen

    I want the models from 2000 to 2013 if you have and i want its photos and the prices for 20 cars jeep Wrangler
    Thank you!

  19. Ive owned my jeep for just barely a year and I have had a leak for awhile now when it rains. done research on it and found out that apparently its a common thing among jeeps but, should never occur. Problem isnt fixed within two more trips to dealer service department, LEMON LAW! I’m ready to deal with the factory only now.

  20. Melissa

    Ryan please contact me at If we don’t get together and fight them they will continue to screw with us. I got NOWHERE with Chrysler or dealership. They literally dicked me around. It seems it’s the hard top because I have a soft top on now and no leak!!!! So I have a hard top sitting in my yard for a year! Very frustrating over purchasing a brand new vehicle with this type of problem. Contact me please

  21. Joey Baggalugnuts

    I ordered my new Saraha 2 weeks ago and I’m just waiting for it to be built. This will be my 3rd Wrangler and I’m very excited about it. You guys do wonderful work and I’m PROUD to own a beast built by the good folks in Toledo. I’ve received an update that it’s in the schedule, so if you see a sweet Rugged Brown Saraha motoring down the line, that may just be mine.

  22. My 07 Jku is my second Jeep. I love it. Thanks ! The wife thinks she comes second. Lol. I was.wondering when the first JK rolled off the assembly line? I purchased mine in november of 06. And the build date is Aug 9 hour 13. So I’m curious to find out if was built at the very beginning.
    Thanks again and keep on rolling them out!

  23. I just got the email that my Jeep Unlimited Rubicon started production today. I can’t wait to get it! I just sold my ’08 JK Rubicon, which I was in love with. The Pentastar engine is game-changer, now the 4-door is more than adequately powered. If I fly out, can you guys give me a factory tour? I can be there tomorrow!


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