When We’re “Whole Again”


Our nation’s heroes selflessly dedicate themselves to the greater good, here and abroad. At home, their friends and families make the ultimate sacrifice.


We welcome our troops home with open arms, full hearts, and the deep understanding that their commitment secures our nation’s safety and freedom. And we know that when the troops are home, more than just our families and communities are reunited.


When our troops are home, we are a nation that is whole again.

9 Responses to “When We’re “Whole Again””

  1. Nice gesture and our troops are certainly worth every bit and more. However, I wish Jeep would use their surplus revenue to correct the problem with the excessive oil consumption and valve issues on the 3.6 and 3.8 engines. I have always been a fan and love the look of my Sahara but very disappointed that me like many other need a long block replacement in less than 60k miles. Call customer care and they deny any problems yet these situations are all over the forums and has been documented in several articles. The cost to repair is $6,000 – not sure how many Jeep fans will stay loyal after they pay $34,000 dollars for a vehicle running on this power plant.

  2. I see jeep has filtered my blog post because it describes the faulty engine situation that has been documented but Chrysler continues to deny. How about “Making your customers whole” you know, the ones that have paid thousands of dollars for a Wrangler with engines that consume over a quart of oil every 1000 miles until finally you have a valve knock and pitted cam

  3. Army Combat Veteran

    Outrageous that you are capitalizing on combat soldiers for your commercial advertising. This ad campaign disgusts me as a veteran and I will never own or touch a jeep again.

  4. As a former Marine I commend Jeep for airing this commercial. We must never forget the sacrifice of the few.

  5. Thank you for the “When We Are Whole Again” commercial. Of course, it brought tears to my eyes. Does anyone know about the music? It was very beautiful. It sounded a lot like the music from the movie “Gettysburg”.

  6. This video is nice. Thanks for the nice work you are doing posting nice information about Jeeps and accessories. Salute to the heroes of our nation.


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