Outfitting Your Jeep® Vehicle 101: Snorkels

Have you ever seen a Jeep® 4×4 with a long pipe sticking out over the hood and wondered why anyone would put a smoke stack on it?  In this installment of Outfitting Your Jeep Vehicle 101, we’re going to help answer the question:   “What is a snorkel?”


As you can see in the photo, this pipe-looking fixture runs from the air intake under the hood and extends upward near the passenger side of the vehicle.  It typically extends well above the hood and can sometimes be as tall as the roof.  That long pipe is actually a snorkel, and is a modification for 4×4 enthusiasts who want their vehicle to get cool, dry, clean air into their engine while off-roading.   Although some people think they look odd on a vehicle, serious off-roaders know that a snorkel can be a valuable addition when off-roading in dusty terrain or where there are deep water crossings.



A snorkel’s primary use is to allow for cool, dry, clean air to enter into the engine.  The snorkel can help prevent water or dirt from entering an engine.  Cooler air into the engine can increase its horsepower, improve your engine’s performance, and will help to increase the longevity of your vehicle.   The snorkel allows you to keep your air intake clear of water and mud during deep stream or river crossings.  On dusty trails, the high position of the snorkel helps to prevent road dirt and dust from being sucked into your engine.    A snorkel is not a requirement if you want to off-road your Jeep 4×4, but this modification is just one of many that can improve your vehicle’s performance or protect it.


Snorkels are available for a wide variety of Jeep brand vehicles including the Grand Cherokee and Liberty.  For more information about the specific accessories suggested in this article, go to http://www.facebook.com/mopar or http://www.twitter.com/officialMOPAR to ask a Mopar Specialist about the great selection of snorkels they provide for most Jeep brand vehicles.


Have you ever considered putting a snorkel on your Jeep vehicle?  Do you think this is a valuable modification for off-roading?


9 Responses to “Outfitting Your Jeep® Vehicle 101: Snorkels”

  1. Avinash

    I’d love to have a snorkel.  So when is one going to be available for the KK Cherokee in Australia?

  2. wow… seeing here a picture of a Venezuelan Jeep would give me the chills. But seeing my friends Jeeps and my own its simply unbelievable. That white CJ has been with me since i was 20, now im 35… so you can imagine how it is! I just can say… HAVE FUN OUT THERE! of course, only in a Jeep 😉

  3. Great blog! great pictures! nice to see such nice Jeeps from such a nice group of people! way to go guys!!!

  4. Will driving the jeep with the snorkel on in the rain/sleet/snow affect the air flow?

  5. Corioli

    I have a new snorkel on my 1997 Wrangler. I’m a bit worried about driving in heavy rain. It seems like the big open intake on the top of the tube will allow in quite a bit of water when I’m driving on the highway in heavy rains. Anybody know if this is a risk or not?

  6. Jonathan

    Yep… Been there

    One time under heavy rain the Air filter got soaked. Just put the snorkel cap backwards and problem solved

  7. But can you actually constantly drive in the rain with it on. For example I live in Oregon, where we get a season of rain in the year.


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