Growing Up in a Jeep® Brand Vehicle Family | Share Your Stories

Photo by Flickr User Stephen Martinelli
Photo by Flickr User Stephen Martinelli


Owning a Jeep® brand vehicle is more than just about driving. It’s about living the Go Anywhere, Do Anything® lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. It’s about making memories with friends and family, both on and off road. It’s about participating in a bigger community and having a connection with other Jeep brand vehicle owners. And oftentimes, it all starts with family.


The family aspect that comes with owning a Jeep brand vehicle is something special. Whether you are a first generation owner or you grew up riding around in your grandparents’ CJ-5, you have stories that only other Jeep brand vehicle owners can relate to. We want to hear those stories.


Tell us about your favorite memory involving the Jeep brand from when you were growing up, or tell us a story about sharing the experience with your kids. Take a minute to remember how you were introduced to your favorite Jeep brand vehicle or to remember your first off-roading experience with your friends and family. Most of all, take a minute to share what it means to be a part of the Jeep brand family.


Submit your best story in the comments section below.


  • Brady Johnston

    On my 9th birthday party, it was kinda rainy and icy out. Me and all of my friends went with my dad to see a movie with a huge, empty parking lot. After the movie, my dad drove around the parking lot whipping around our 2001 wrangler sport. Best birthday party EVER!

  • John Grant

    I didn’t grow up in a Jeep brand family, but I raised my kids in a Jeep brand family. We first had a jeep cherokee then added a jeep wrangler. I still have the wrangler and both my gown kids have Jeep Wrangler’s. Life is good…

  • C. Chase

    When we were little, we would ride in the back of our family’s Grand Wagoneer to the beach. It was blue with wooden side paneling, of course. Since we could drive over the sand, we would bounce all over the place with the electric back window down. To this day, we still go to the same beach, and I wish I had a Grand Wagoneer. You should make a retro edition that pays tribute to them. Just shoot for better gas mileage. 😉 In the meantime, I’ll continue to love every minute in my Wrangler Sahara!!

  • Katrene A. Hillery

    I purchased my first Jeep Liberty Limited Edition in Oct 2003. I’m an ordained minister and I do a lot of traveling for churches. I racked up 75,000 miles in the first 2 ½ years while serving as Youth Pastor and this was just the beginning. As a church planter, I’ve added even more miles.

    My Jeep has taken me from point A-Z over the past ten years. I currently have over 343,000 miles on the original engine and counting (fingers crossed).The body is still in great condition. What can I say…I love my Jeep!

  • CGF

    Every October my father would take me surf fishing at the Jersey Shore. To get to the ocean we used his 1967 Wagoneer. He would air down the tires and we would head out on the beach to our secret spot. That Wagoneer would take me to school when it snowed (which I hated). He worked an hour away. And when the snows came, he always made it home. But my best memories were that Saturday in October when it was just the 2 of us. Since then there has always been a Cherokee or Wagoneer in our driveway.

  • RichardB

    Our daughter went camping one weekend at a place which had no cell phone service, and we woke up Sunday morning to an odd message from here that put us in a panic. We quickly jumped into the Cherokee and headed up North. There was no GPS or phone service, and the directions we had sent us down what might have been a logging road ten or twenty years ago. The Jeep handled it without a problem. Turns out it was all a misunderstanding, but it gave me new appreciation for the Jeep Cherokee.

  • Stephen Martinelli

    Thank you for using my photograph. And a little side note not only did i take the photo, that is my jeep. I love everything about it. From the open air to the 4 wheel drive to the family it comes with.