Exploring the Jeep® Cherokee through the Eyes of Google Glass with Matt McGee


This post was written by guest blogger Matt McGee. Please note that Matt was not wearing his Google Glass while operating the vehicle.

Recently, we took several Glass Explorers out on the trails of North Carolina for a chance to check out the 2014 Jeep® Cherokee Trailhawk for themselves. Below is a firsthand account of Glass Explorer Matt McGee’s adventures with the Trailhawk.

It was about 11:00 AM on a recent Tuesday morning. I was behind the wheel of an unfamiliar vehicle, driving it on an unfamiliar road in an unfamiliar state park in an unfamiliar state.

With me were several unfamiliar video production team members who were all nice people, fun to work with and obviously experts at what they do for a living. Our video shoot with the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk had already been a big success. We were getting some great shots of the Cherokee in action – the kind of footage you see on those TV commercials where some stunt driver is tackling roads that shouldn’t be tackled by normal drivers in normal cars.

But here I was. A normal driver sitting in the 2014 Cherokee.

Gary, the guy in charge of the shoot and the primary videographer, had come on the walkie-talkie with a new set of instructions for me as I sat behind the wheel of the Cherokee. He was a few hundred yards up the quiet road and had another idea for a shot he wanted to get.


“Okay, Matt,” said Gary, “I’m in this intersection and I want you to drive right at me. Try to get about two or three feet from the camera and then veer off to the left up the road. Okay?”

Did he really just say two or three feet away?

I asked how fast he wanted me to take this intimidating turn. Did I mention that we were on a loose gravel road? I don’t remember the exact reply, but it was along the lines of “not too fast, but not too slow.”

I immediately became nervous. What if the back end of the Cherokee gets away from me as I make the turn? Was I ready to do this in a vehicle that I’d only been driving for three hours? I was hardly an expert when it came to controlling little things like speed, acceleration, deceleration and turn radius. Surely we should find an actual stunt driver for this, right?

But there was no backing out now, so off I went – up the gravel road and around the corner. There was Gary, right in the intersection. I think I heard him say over the walkie-talkie that my speed was good. I got closer and closer and closer, and you know what?

The Cherokee handled it perfectly.

It held tight on the gravel as I decelerated and steered to the left. It handled the turn like we were on freshly paved asphalt. It was one of the most exciting moments of the day for me.

Gary was pretty excited, too. I could tell when he yelled into the walkie-talkie, “Yes! That was beautiful!”

With the 2014 Cherokee, I was able to handle whatever was thrown my way that day.

To see more of Matt’s adventure, check out our latest videos on the Jeep YouTube channel.


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