9 Essential Items to Pack for the Moab Easter Jeep® Safari

This isn’t a picnic (but it is meant to be fun). Out on the trails during the Moab Easter Jeep® Safari, you can’t bring everything you might need but there are some items that are absolute must-haves. Here are a few of ours:


Water bottle we’re in the desert, after all. Fill it up as often as you can.

Hat – it’s best to bring something more protective than a baseball cap, to keep the sun off of your ears and neck, too.

Layers of clothing – they say, “If you don’t like the weather in Utah, wait 5 minutes.” Wear layers so that you can remove (or add) them as the weather permits.

Sunscreen – there will be sun. Lots of it. Stay protected and keep your skin healthy.

Recovery strap – preferably made of nylon (and without hooks). If you need help, recovery straps will do the trick and are much safer to use than tow straps, because they stretch.

Spare Tire – don’t be caught off guard should some tough terrain render one of your tires non-operational.

Food – trust us when we say you’ll have no problem working up an appetite while you’re navigating. Be prepared with some healthy fuel.

CB Radio – not necessarily required, but the CB radio is the preferred means of communication for many out on the trails.

Camera – the Moab Easter Jeep Safari is an adventure of a lifetime. When you’re not navigating, snap plenty of photos – you’re in one of the most scenic places in the world.


What items are essential to you when you head out to navigate the trails?


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  1. Wish we could make it down this weekend! Looks like the weather is going to be perfect, definitely drink lots of water!

  2. 10 Essentials Plus ….

    For anyone who might be going on a backcountry trip, here is a list of things that are helpful.   The “TEN Essentials” should be a no-brainer, but . . . .   The other items are suggestions.   You should add or delete items that pertain to your particular situation.

    This list could also be used to help start an emergency/disaster kit for your home.
    Backcountry Equipment
     The TEN Essentials (and more)
     __ 1.   Magnetic Compass/GPS/Topographic Map(s)
              *Notice Compass comes before a GPS unit.
     __ 2.   Flashlights and extra batteries
     __ 3.   Extra Clothing
              Winter Coat, hats, gloves, rain gear (large trash bag, if needed, can be used.)
     __ 4.   Sunglasses
     __   5.   Extra Food/Water
     __   6.   Matches in waterproof container
     __   7.   Candles/Fires starter
     __   8.   Pocket knife (Swiss Army knife style?)
     __   9.   First aid kit (Snake Bite Kit, if Applicable)
     __ 10.   Space blanket (again, large heavy duty trash bags will do in an emergency)
     Other Things
     __   Duct Tape!

    __   Medications/prescriptions you are currently taking

    __   Bug Repellent

    __   Extra 2 quarts of engine oil
    __   Tool Kit (rachets/wrenches/screwdrivers)
    __   Extra water/coolant for radiator
    __   Toilet Paper
    __   Small Army Type Shovel (with serated edge)
    __   Dry Socks (wool best in winter)
    __   Hose clamps (various sizes)
    __   Tow Strap
    __   Hiking Boots
    __   Leather Gloves
    __   Hats (wide brim best)
    __   Zip Ties
    __   Radiator Stop Leak
    __   Multi-Fit Hose/Hose Patch (to repair broken radiator hose)
    __   Cell Phone and Charger (They don’t have coverage everywhere!)
    __   CB/Ham Radio
    __   WD-40
    Other Things Continued
    __   Waterless Hand Cleaner/Baby Wipes
    __   Off Road Tire Patch Kit
    __   Extra Coat Hanger (you’ll find a use for it!)
    __   Extra pair of glasses, if you wear them!
    __   Binoculars
    __   Bungee Cords
    __   Can Opener–manual–not electric!
    __   Spare Key (on person)
    __   Tank Sealant Putty
    __   Hand Held Mirror


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